The Handmaid’s Tale Social Media Users Compare Leaked Roe V Wade Decision to Margaret Atwood Novel

Margaret Atwood, a famous Canadian author, first considered the idea of a dystopian novel called The Handmaid’s Tale in the 1980s.

Almost 50 years later, in an opinion piece for The Atlantic, she made a connection between her Christian.

The Handmaid's Tale Social Media Users Compare Leaked Roe V Wade Decision to Margaret Atwood Novel

White patriarchal land of Gilead and the United States, which had just reversed the landmark Roe v. Wade verdict.

The Handmaid’s Tale, #BansOffMyBody, and #MyBodyMyChoice all were trending topics on Twitter immediately following the judgement.

The current era has been dubbed by internet users everywhere as a “contemporary Handmaid’s Tale.”

The plan to overturn Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision that guaranteed women’s access to safe abortion, was disclosed in a leaked opinion draught written by Justice Samuel Alito in May 2022.

The Ubiquity of Handmaid’s Tale

We are not “bound for Gilead;” we are already living in a world where marginalised individuals have faced many of the horrors described in Atwood’s book.

And the prevalence of Handmaid’s Tale references and imagery in conversations about reproductive justice suggests that many are trying to make sense of our surreal present moment.

To dismiss the dystopian future in The Handmaid’s Tale because of the United States’ history of restricting the reproductive rights of Native Americans.

African-Americans, Latinxs, prisoners, the disabled, and the impoverished would be to ignore this history.


Vice President Joe Biden has expressed concern that a repeal of this provision would represent a significant shift in American law and potentially threaten other civil rights, including marriage and transgender equality.

Despite months of conjecture, the news has left many of us feeling worried, angry, puzzled, and scared.

No wonder we cling to a pop culture example of a world where individuals are forced to give birth.

When the decision to conceive and bear a kid is taken away from their hands, with so many prominent feminists and activists saying what a dreadful time it is to be a woman.