Best “Text Editor Apps” in 2023

Despite their seeming banality, text editors are the lifeblood of modern commerce. A text or code editor is an integral part of most developers’ routines. Most of us, including ourselves, frequently enter and exit them throughout the day.

Whether you’re writing PHP or just taking notes for a project, there are a number of wonderful tools available to make this process as easy as possible for you. In this guide, you’ll learn about several fantastic text editor programs.

Several text editors cater to different demographics. There are those that are better suited for seasoned programmers and those that are more user-friendly for beginners or writers. In addition to the aforementioned, various services such as real-time code exchange and collaboration are also provided.

Text Editor Apps

Best Text Editor Apps

The majority of people who are just starting out in programming find out the hard way that the first coding environment they use has issues with the code itself, like not displaying formatting correctly.

The best text editors, at their core, should be not only easy to use, but also practical and pleasant. A good text editor should be intuitive and perform its intended function, regardless of whether you’re using Linux(opens in new tab), a Mac(opens in new tab), or a Windows PC(opens in new tab) to accomplish your work.

Programmers and coders have text editors that are as comfortable as their favorite pair of jeans. And everyone can find a pair that works for them. Our collection of the top text editors should have something for you, whether you need a simple program to paste in a small bit of code or a powerful one with IDE-style functionality.

1. SetApp

Setapp is unlike the others on our list because it requires a monthly subscription but gives you access to many excellent text editing programs for both the Mac and iPhone. Access amazing text editors like TeaCode, TextSoap, and others that are Mac-only and make rapid coding in any language a reality for a cheap monthly cost.

TeaCode, which is available on Setapp, is my preferred text editor because of its extensive collection of expanders (more than 80 in all). There are plugins available for a variety of popular text editors, including Sublime Text, Atom, Visual Studio Code, and others, and it is compatible with the vast majority of MacOS’s built-in text editors.

2. Microsoft Visual Studio Code

Since Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is a Microsoft product, it has attracted a large number of programmers. It has a number of paid and free add-ons and bundles that can be downloaded from its online store.

In addition, the code editor can be customized to your needs. As well as speedy organization support and comprehensive debugging capabilities, Visual Studio Code features an integrated terminal, syntax checking, and integration with numerous version control systems.

We think it’s a top IDE for Python programmers since it suggests completions and has instant pop-ups that show you the documentation for classes and methods.

3. Sublime Text

To some, Sublime Text is the gold standard among text editors. The source code editor is visually pleasing and packed with useful features. The gadget features a split-screen editing mode, a distraction-free writing mode, and rapid shortcuts and search.

You can duplicate lines, choose a certain line number, look for spelling errors, and more with the help of shortcuts. The “open-source library of sample programs, plugins, themes, extensions, documentation, and more” that Atom boasts will keep on giving you access to new features even after you’ve installed it.

4. Atom

In 2018, when Microsoft bought Github, the company responsible for developing Atom, users were understandably worried. The “hackable text editor for the 21st century,” Atom, is still one of the best and most flexible options out there.

Community members have built a vast library of packages for the platform, and if a certain package doesn’t exist, it may be made by modifying the platform’s CSS. However, developers who like lightweight apps may be put off by Atom because of its cross-platform nature and its reliance on the electron framework.

5. Espresso

Coffee’s namesake code editor, Espresso, is a beautiful, powerful, and silky piece of software for the Mac. The intuitive layout of this text editor has been acknowledged with speeding up the CSS editing process for its users.

In order to facilitate real-time editing, it is divided into three columns: the files you’re working with, the code editor, and the navigator.

And when you make changes to the window, you’ll see those changes mirrored in the browser; Espresso’s interface supports drag-and-drop content, for example, and the corresponding changes will be made in the backend instantly.


To some, the idea of using a text editor may seem tedious, yet for many businesses around the world, it is essential. Text and code editors are integral to the daily routines of virtually every industry, from software development teams to publishing houses.

Many of us constantly enter and exit them throughout the day. There are a lot of wonderful tools out there to help you out whether you’re programming PHP or just taking notes for a project.

Here, we’ll discuss the greatest text editors currently available. Different text editors cater to different audiences; some are best suited for advanced programmers, while others are better suited for novices or authors. There are also excellent editors for working together, sharing code in real time, and other purposes.