Who was Ted Bundy Wife

Ted Bundy, America’s most notorious serial murderer, is known for using his seductive charm and manufactured sociopathy to influence others and help him murder more than 30 women around the country.

He had very little female support even after his imprisonment. The public’s attention was riveted on Bundy because of his sexual adventures and his tendency towards violence. Carole Ann Boone, a young divorcee, became Ted Bundy’s wife while he was on trial for the murders of these women. Ann Boone actually became pregnant while he was behind bars.

Based on this murder spree, the Netflix documentary series “Conversations With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes” will premiere in 2021, pique the audience’s interest in Bundy’s wife Carole Ann Boone, and answer their questions. Below is an article that discusses Carole Ann Boone from every angle.

Ted Bundy Wife

A Complete Guide to Carole Ann Boone

That’s because Carole Ann Boone isn’t your typical female. She fell in love with monstrous serial killer Ted Bundy, who was serving a death sentence at the time, and they had a kid together.

Boone and Bundy’s love story began in 1974, after she had recently divorced her second husband. They met at the Department of Emergency Services where she was employed in Olympia, Washington.

Bundy was assisting the police in their quest for the many women he had murdered. Boone met serial killer Ted Bundy after her second divorce, and the writers of The Only Living Witness, Stephen G. Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth, describe her as “a lusty-tempered free spirit” in their book of the same name.

“I guess I was closer to him than other people at the agency,” Boone added. Quickly, Ted gained my affection. We got along great. When asked to elaborate, she said, “He struck me as a rather shy person with a lot more going on under the surface than what was on the surface.”

Bundy’s history of horrific crimes, including kidnapping, raping, and murdering young women, was news to her. Elizabeth Kloepfer, his ex-girlfriend, felt suspicious of him throughout their relationship but never worked up the nerve to report him to the authorities.

Who Ted Bundy Really Was:

It may seem strange that individuals could have sympathy for a serial killer like Ted Bundy, but one must remember his psychopathic appeal. To satisfy his evening bloodlust and to spend the day with women outside of work, Bundy used to keep the women he did not kill at arm’s length.

For about seven years, he was Elizabeth Kloepfer’s partner and, in effect, her daughter’s de facto father. The women used to sense that he had depth and significance. “He certainly was more dignified and restrained than the more certifiable types around the office,” Boone said.

On the parkway to foolishness, he planned to take part. Keep in mind that he was a Republican, though. Bundy appeared to be more socially conservative than his peers at the time, since he opposed hippy and anti-Vietnam groups. Perhaps it was this persona that piqued Boone’s interest.

Bundy’s Arrest and Trial

In 1975, Bundy was arrested for the first time in Utah when police searching his Volkswagen Beetle discovered items such as tights, a ski mask, handcuffs and other weapons. Finally, he was found guilty of kidnapping and assaulting a girl of 12 years old.

Despite this setback, Boone and Bundy’s bond only became stronger over time. They kept in touch with daily visits from Boone. At the time, she and Ted Bundy were not married, but their relationship was very tight.

After two years, Bundy was extradited to Colorado to finish his 15-year term there. With the help of Boone’s contraband funds, Bundy even attempted an escape. After that, he went to Florida where he committed two murders.

He killed Margaret Bowman and Lisa Levy, both members of the sorority Chi Omega. Also, he abducted Kimberly Leach, a young girl of 12, assaulted her, and eventually killed her. Boone moved to Florida so that he could be a part of the trial in which Bundy was representing himself.

Who Carole Ann Boone Really Was: A Ted Bundy Loyal Follower

Incredibly loyal to Ted, Boone was. “Let me put it this way, I don’t think that Ted belongs in jail,” Boone said in an interview. Florida’s problems don’t bother me any more than those in the West. When pressed further, she added, “I don’t think they have reason to charge Ted Bundy with murder in either Leon County or Columbia County.”

She was so convinced of her innocence that she moved to Gainesville, Florida, about 40 miles from the prison. She and Ted’s son Jayme used to hang together at his place once a week. Bundy said at his trial that he and Boone’s relationship had developed into “more of a serious, romantic thing” over the course of the last few years.

Their relationship was described as “crazy” by Michaud and Aynesworth in their book. Carole had feelings for him. They had sex in jail, where she expressed her desire to have a kid. Physical contact was tolerated, and sexual encounters occurred occasionally at tables, water coolers, and toilet stalls.

Boone continued that although though legally this was not authorised inside prison, one of the security guards was so lovely that he just ignored their antics. Carole Ann Boone is quoted as saying, “After the first day they just, they didn’t care.” in the Netflix show. They’ve caught us off guard a few times.

In her book about Bundy, The Stranger Beside Me, former Seattle police officer and author Ann Rule describes how common it was for visitors to bribe security officers in order to obtain some one-on-one time with the inmates. Some media have even suggested that Boone put drugs in her skirt in order to sneak them into the prison.

In Court, Bundy Pops the Question to Boone About Marriage

Bundy was set to be convicted of murdering Kimberly Leach, while already having a death sentence for the other killings. Indeed, Bundy was found guilty and sentenced to death once again. During his murder trial, Bundy asked Carole Ann to marry him. And she did consent to this. With the words, “I do hereby marry you,” Bundy legally joined the couple together.

What has Become of Carole Ann Boone?

On January 24, 1989, Bundy was put to death by electric chair at the Raiford prison. Boone broke up with Ted Bundy three years before he was put to death. Apparently, she never saw him again after that.

Very little is known about Carole Ann Boone’s whereabouts and fate beyond that point. It’s assumed that she and her daughters, Jayme and Rose, later moved to a different city. She used to avoid the spotlight and the attention of the media at all costs. Several sources claim that Carole Ann Boone passed away in 2018 at a retirement community in the state of Washington.