7 Best Task Management Software For Teams

Having good task management software is extremely important to get a good workflow. You and your team can get a lot out of good task management software. This article is going to give you a detailed account of the 7 best task management software. You can compare the software with each other and you can choose one which suits the needs of you and your team the best.

Of course, if you are not into high technology then you can go for a simple task management approach. You can also depend on generic functions like Google Sheet, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel.

7 Best Task Management Software for Teams in 2020

It is difficult to pick only one task management software and crown it as the best. There are different types of them in the market, each unique in their own way. You can choose one that is suitable for you. So without any further ado let’s get right into it.

1. Hive

It is a cloud based task management software. It is suitable for teams of all size. It includes workflow templates, group messaging, multiple task view, etc. You can easily sort out your team mates and your work. Attach the tasks with their deadlines and labels. The users can track project progress and change.

Files stored in Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive can be accessed in a single page. The members can attack file to actions. Hive also includes action templates. This ensures the automatic assignment of recurring tasks. This is a very popular task management software. You should try it.

2. Monday.com

It looks like a spreadsheet but it is task management software. It has typical management tools and is focused on simple, visual layouts. This software won the 2019 Webby Awards. It has a customizable interface. It is like a spreadsheet but it has a lot of additional features. It is interactive and visually appealing. The interface is also good.

The features include a message board, task management board. It helps display your project data quickly and mark the progress. Members can also collaborate by uploading files and tagging each other on tasks. You can also mention members. The software is easy to configure making it one of the most popular task management software out there. It includes project management apps like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, etc.

3. SmartSheet

It is also like a spreadsheet but it is a task management software. If you are comfortable with Excel then this software is good for you. If not then skip this one. The task management software has won several awards for quickly becoming one of the most popular software. You don’t have to deal with complicated formulas here, smart sheet has taken care of that.

It offer basic functions like scheduling tasks, subtasks, activities, and sections on task. Members get notified about any critical change. Smartsheet integration includes google apps. The Critical Path feature highlights the important task that is directly impacting your feature.

4. Kintone

This is a task management software that allows the project manager to track and review the work of his /her team. This is a customizable platform that gives you the power to create a tailored task. You can also design the workflow you want. You can create automated reminders, filter task on different factors and automate hand offs between team members.

It also has some built in features for team collaboration. It has a chat wall where team members can add notes and comments. It has feature integration like Slack, Outlook, Google Calendar, DropBox, Hotspot, and many more.

5. MeisterTask

MeisterTask is a task management software which allows their users to customize views, projects and tasks that can be of the best use for the team members. It can help you in controlling the workflow. The collaboration features of this software is robust.

This software has several features. To name a few they have the automation, watching, mentioning, tags and task scheduling. There is another tool called the Agenda feature Where users can create a customize section and pin tasks from the project. It has a large selection of native integrations including Slack and G Suite. It also offers a basic free plan.

6. FunctionFox

It is creative task management software. It was created for the creative community. It has user friendly tools and interface which you can use to manage your team project properly. You can create detailed project schedules, to do list, charts and so much more. It has also been seen as a platform for communication and collaboration throughout the project blog.

It is easy to use and is made easier because of all the tutorials they provide. They also provide customer support. They have a premium plan that starts at 50 dollars a month.

7. Paymo

This task management software is generally used for managing and creating tasks inside a project. It can include clear info about how, when and where to complete a specific task. It includes modules like time tracking, resource management and invoicing. It is popular among freelancers as well as companies.

This task management software integrates with productivity apps such as Google Calendar, Slack and so on. There are two paid plans available. One is 12 dollars per month. This is the lowest and the other one is higher. It also has a free trial for their customers.


We hope that this article has been useful to you and your team. If you have found your task management software in the list then congratulations but if none of them resonated with you then no need to worry, there are other task management software out there. You just need to research a little bit more. Keep looking and you will find your perfect fit. Thank you for giving this article a read and do recommend this article to your friends if you found this informative and satisfactory. Have a good day!