4 Ideas for Your First Student Blog on WordPress

So, you’ve decided to finally start your own student blog on WordPress. Great idea! However, it’s also an unoriginal one, as blogging is so popular nowadays that most people try it at a certain point. Still, there are some ways how you can stand out from the crowd. 

One of them is choosing the right topic. But how is it possible to do it when you have absolutely no clue? Well, it’s not such a big problem as you may think it is. Read on, and we’ll share some of our ideas that you can draw inspiration from. 

But first, let’s make sure that you know how to organize your work process and make your chosen idea work for you.

Ideas for Your First Student Blog on WordPress

How to Find Time for a Blog? 

Some people think that blogging is easy and doesn’t require much time. Unfortunately, that’s not true. To make a really good blog, you need to work a lot on its content. So, be prepared to regularly spare spacious time slots in your schedule for content production if you’re planning to take it seriously. 

Also, be prepared to occasionally use a college essay help in order to meet your academic deadlines as it’s sometimes not possible to do so much writing on a regular basis. Anyway, blogging is in itself a great way to practice writing, so it’s actually no big deal. 

What’s worse, you will sometimes have to sacrifice your free time and entertainment opportunities, too. If it doesn’t scare you, let’s proceed with choosing the topic for your blog. 

How to Choose a Topic? 

Before we move on to our list of ideas, let’s make one thing clear: practically any idea might work if you know how to wrap it and sell it to your audience.

To make things easier for you, it’s always better to test any idea before you begin working on it. 

Here are some tips for you:

  • Choose something that interests and inspires you;
  • Do your research. Enter the topic + “WordPress blog” in the search bar, browse through the results, and draw conclusions. 
  • Think about the content you can provide and the audience that you want to attract. Will you be able to get to the audience that you need using the content that you can provide? 

How to Choose a Blog Topic

Finally, it’s time to focus on the ideas for your student WordPress blog!

1. Culture & Entertainment 

Most students like watching movies and listening to music, so you can never go wrong with offering quality movies, series, and music reviews to your peers. 

What’s more – such a blog can be a good way to practice essay writing, as students frequently get to write reviews as their school assignments. 

Still, there are some problems you may encounter if you choose this topic. Firstly, such a blog requires a lot of time, as you really need to watch all those films, read all those books and listen to the albums that you write about. 

Secondly, such a site may not be easy to monetize if you plan to earn money with it. But at least, you’re very likely to get free passes to cinema premieres and concert shows if you do your job really well! 

2. Student Hacks & Tricks

Another great idea for any student blog is writing about helpful student hacks and tricks. If you have experiences to share with your fellow students that will make their education and life in general easier – go ahead! If you give them real profit, they will become your most dedicated followers in no time. 

The topic is also very rewarding as it allows for a lot of options. You can write about things like:

  • time management;
  • essay writing;
  • life on campus;
  • staying on a budget;
  • spending vacations, and more – you name it. 

If you’re not quite sure what interests your peers the most – ask them, do some research! 

3. Any Academic Discipline That You’re Good At 

There’s just no way there’s not a single academic discipline that you’re good at. Then, why not share your knowledge and insights with fellow students? 

You can show how to do math equations or analyze poetry, do marketing research or learn a foreign language, or anything else that you truly enjoy! 

If you are talented at giving explanations, chances are high that your site will very soon become popular. However, the monetization model may not be obvious. 

But it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to earn money with such a blog, as the promotion opportunities will enable you to start a career in tutoring. 

4. Your Everyday Life

This may seem like the most obvious choice, but it’s certainly not the safest one. The problem with personal blogs is that their time is nearly gone as people seem to be more interested in information nowadays, not personalities. Especially in the case of a WordPress site that mostly drives traffic from search engines.

However, it’s still possible to have a successful personal blog. But in order to do it, you need to be a really interesting person with lots of thoughts and experiences. 

What’s more, you should also be a brilliant writer to be able to tell your stories in such a manner that people will want to read them and come back for more. If you can do that – you’re halfway there! 

Final Words 

Picking the right topic for a student blog on WordPress is the critical condition for its future success. So, it’s essential to devote sufficient time and effort to choosing one.

In this article, we’ve shared some of the best ideas for student blogs, but there are more. So, if you didn’t find anything for you on our list, don’t hesitate to come up with something of your own.