Samsung’s Flex Note

Samsung had been doing a great job at keeping up with foldable phones. They are really interested in the concept and the people are also receiving the work a lot happily and properly so they decided that smartphones are fine but what about the foldable laptops? We know what you are thinking. Laptops already fold. Well, they are not talking about traditional laptops.

This new laptop is known as the Flex Note and it is one of a kind. This is not yet completed yet but this concept does seem to be heavily affecting the workings of the people and they are into the idea of having this new foldable laptop after the foldable phones.

Samsung's Flex Note

There are a number of potentials that are explored here right now. A possible of this foldable laptop is the fact that you can transform it to a 13-inch form factor when it is folded and then it can also be easily changed into a 17-inch monitor when fully extended to the limit.

If we are being completely honest the concept is not new. You might have seen the foldable laptop of Lenovo. But let us be honest in this matter too, that laptop did not work out well. People liked the idea but the execution was done rather badly.

You have to pay extra for the accessories as well as the initial cost of the laptop is high. So all in all that was not working and a lot of people did not even have any idea that such a laptop existed in the first place.

The other group of people was disappointed so needless to say the this did not work out. We are hoping that Samsung does a better job than Lenovo did. I mean it would be cool to have a foldable laptop to carry around with you and work on.