Meghan and Harry’s Son “Riley Sabara”

Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Meghan Trainor and her actor husband Daryl Sabara are the proud parents of their baby, Riley Sabara. In 2017, the Spy Kids star and the Made You Look singer announced their engagement.

On December 22, 2018, Meghan and Daryl tied the knot. That was also Trainor’s 25th birthday. The Don’t I Make It Look Easy singer and her husband Sabara shared the news that they were expecting their first child on the Today show in 2020.

Trainor announced her pregnancy with a son on The Kelly Clarkson Show later that month. In February of 2021, Meghan and Daryl welcomed their first child, a son named Riley. Learn more about Meghan and Harry’s son Riley below!

Riley Sabara

Riley Trainor was Born to Meghan Trainor and Daryl Sabara.

For those of you who don’t know, performer Meghan Trainor and actor Daryl Sabara are the parents of the young man Riley Sabara. Riley entered the world on February 8, 2021. He is currently 1 years old.

A few days later, Meghan announced the news to her international fan base. She shared the news of the birth of her son on Instagram on Valentine’s Day.

We were able to meet this adorable little boy on Monday, February 8th, his due day, Valentine’s Day! The best Valentine’s gift ever came from @darylsabara, and we are so grateful. Her message to Riley’s arrival in the world was accompanied by a slideshow of photos.

When Asked About the Birth of Her Kid, What did Meghan Trainor have to say?

The Just a Friend to You singer told the media in 2021 that she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes throughout her pregnancy, which made delivery difficult for her and her kid.

The Duchess of Sussex apologised to Ryan Seacrest in a March 2021 interview, saying, “I’m like, ‘I’m sorry, bro! Towards the beginning of my pregnancy, I ate a lot of junk food. And they say, “It’s not you. Not something in your food. The answer is within your DNA. Then I said, “Well, my mum did have it too.”

Trainor later said that she was “pay[ing] attention” to her food during her pregnancy when she appeared on the Today show that same month. It’s good to learn so much about diet and health, she said, and it’s nice to hear that so many women go through this.

Meghan and Daryl Sabara were Terrified when their Daughter Riley was Born.

The All About That Bass singer admitted the birth of her son Riley was traumatic a few months after he was born. In an interview conducted in June of 2021, she revealed the details of Riley’s delivery. Meghan had to have a C-section since he was in the wrong position.

Trainor had previously remarked, “It was one of those horror stories where he didn’t weep. When he exited, he made no noise. My first thought was, “Why isn’t he crying?” Then they said, “He’s having trouble breathing.”

The “worst part” of giving birth, according to the Like I’m Gonna Lose You singer and the Wizards of Waverly Place actor, was getting to see their baby boy for “one second” before he had to be whisked away.

Meghan continued, “It was unquestionably a rocky beginning. But we’re very thankful that, after five days, we were able to bring him home. They have been posting regular updates on Instagram featuring their newborn boy since the day he was born.

Meghan Trainor Shared a Touching Birthday Message for Her Son Riley.

Riley, Meghan and Daryl’s baby, turned one in February of this year. The singer of “I Won’t Let You Down” then commemorated the event with a heartfelt Instagram post. She shared several photos of the new family of three on Instagram.

Meghan only wrote, “Happy birthday Riley!” as the caption for the photo slideshow. You mean the world to me. I adore you infinitely. Easily the best year of my life. In the Instagram post, she also mentioned her husband, Daryl.

Meghan’s son Riley is shown in a high chair with a birthday cake and balloons in a series of photos she posted. In yet another snapshot, Riley’s happy parents can be seen caressing his cheek.

Riley, the couple’s son, can be seen rubbing icing all over Trainor’s face in one of the photos. Trainor shared an Instagram Story at the moment showing her kid Riley sitting in front of his birthday cake while wearing a very bored expression. ‘When you finally get to eat cake, but it’s sugar free,’ the single mother captioned the shot.

How has Meghan’s New Role as a Mother Affected Her Professional Life?

The mother of two opened up about the emotional and physical toll parenting has had on her in the March cover story she did for Parents magazine. I believe when you have a kid you just realise, ‘Oh, life is lovely and precious,'” Trainor told the media site.

I want to provide a good example for my child. Never before have I been so inspired. Nonetheless, Meghan discussed her singing career, saying that as a new mother, her “lyrics are evolving.” She declared, “It seems like I’m revealing my truth” in reference to her latest album.

I heard that when you have a baby, you are more creative, and my lyrics are changing,” Trainor continued. Instead than trying to make other people happy, I’m just going to write songs about how I feel right now.

But it’s not like every day is sad,” the artist went on to say. In reality, it’s more along the lines of, “Yeah, I am a badass, but this ain’t easy, and I have to get up and keep going.”