PSO2 Error Code 667

This mistake has been reported by many users (Xbox, Windows, Steam, etc.) on practically all platforms that support the game. The issue is mostly reported following a game update or OS update.

The problem happens when the user starts a PSO2 game or sometimes mid-game. The whole error notice is presented as: “An error occurred during the login process. Please wait a moment and try again, or file an error report through our enquiry form. [No.667]”.

In addition to the platform (e.g., Xbox) or server-side issues with PSO2 games, the following can be considered the main reasons of PSO2 Error Code 667:

PSO2 Error Code 667

Outdated PSO2 installation: An outdated PSO2 installation may cause the game to be incompatible with its servers or hinder the proper execution of game code, resulting in PSO2 Error Code 667.

Interference from Antivirus or Firewall software: PSO2 Error Code 667 may happen if antivirus software does not allow execution of certain fundamental game mods.

Corrupted PSO2 game install: PSO2 Error Code 667 may happen if a game’s mods are not functioning properly due to a corrupt PSO2 install.

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How To Fix the Error “PSO2 Error Code 667”

Based on the above options, numerous methods for PSO2 Error Code 667 are suggested.

Method 1. Update the Game to the Latest Version

Games with an outdated installation may display PSO2 error code 667 as it may cause the game to be incompatible with other associated mods or game servers. Here, updating the PSO2 game to the current version may fix the problem. But before continuing this remedy, make sure your game server and platform server (like Xbox) are up and functioning.

Step 1. First, access other settings in the game’s launcher (such as PSO2 Tweaker).

Step 2. The second action is to choose to Check for Updates.

Once the game is updated, restart the launcher. The next step is to launch PSO2 and see if the error 667 has been fixed.

Method 2. Disable Temporarily All System Security Programs

Error 667 may appear during game login if antivirus or firewall software is preventing the PSO2 game module from running properly or in a timely manner. Here, disabling the system’s security app may clear error 667.

Method 3. Game Troubleshooting

Install \sPSO2 error code 667 may result if any of the PSO2’s basic game mods are malfunctioning (such as GameGuard) or missing game files. Here is a manual to help you along.

Step 1. Launch the PSO2 Tweaker and click on the Troubleshooting option.

Step 2. Select the Fix GameGuard option and wait for the process to finish.

Step 3. See if the game fixes the PSO2 issue 667. If it doesn’t work, head over to the PSO2 Tweaker Troubleshooting menu and try if the Repair Critical Files option helps.

Step 4. Fourth, if the issue still persists, select Fix File Permission from the PSO2 Tweaker’s Troubleshooting menu. If you want to make sure everything is in order, start the game.

Step 5. If it doesn’t fix the issue, try doing a Full File Check or a Check for Missing Files from the PSO2 Tweaker’s Troubleshooting menu to see if that resolves the error 667.

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Solution 4: Reinstall the PSO2 Game

Error 667 indicates that the PSO2 installation is faulty, which could prevent certain modules from functioning. Fixing the PSO2 problem 667 could be as simple as reinstalling the game.

Step 1. Search Control Panel in the Search box and then hit Enter.

Step 2. Secondly, select the software you wish to uninstall and click the Uninstall button in the Programs and Features window.

Step 3. Locate PSO2 by scrolling the bar, then right-click it and choose Uninstall.

To proceed to Step 4, reinstall the PSO2 game.