5 Best Portable Apps In 2024

Portable applications are the ones that allow you to travel between the computers without causing any interference. The word ‘portable’ means something that can be easily carried anywhere. It helps in data transfer from one device to another.

These applications have this unique feature of being stored in almost any device for data storage. Whether it be a USB Drive or cloud storage, portable apps can get stored anywhere. So, let’s get a quick glimpse of the best portable apps in 2022

5 Best Portable Apps In 2022

1. Google Chrome Portable

One of the best and the most popular web browsers, it helps in easy installations and doesn’t mess up with any system and its protocols. A secure browser, it runs with the speed of the light. It is well known for its modesty and basic structural design. It helps in easy download and quick start.

One can perform multiple tasks with this portable application. It is free from malware and virus, hence providing its users with the safest experience ever. You can also customize the settings according to your needs and desires. It comes with its amazing auto-update feature, so that you can carry out your searches effortlessly without worrying for your safety.

2. LibreOffice Portable

It is a complete package of all the features that one may need- a database, spreadsheet, package for drawing, presentation tool and a word processor. A full- fledged version for Windows, it is one of the best portable apps. The latest security fixes by its auto-updates make it secure for its users.

One of its downloads, MultilingualAll consists of all languages, profoundly supported by LibreOffice. Its intuitive user-friendly experience and beautiful design attract its users. It provides a variety of tools that are enhanced with creativity and boosts the productivity of its users.

3. GIMP Portable

Well-known for its image-editing qualities, it supports easy installations and auto-updates. It uses a batch-operating system. It is absolutely safe to use and is free from all kinds of malware and viruses. It provides you with the best graphics.

Its trending features and brilliant photo-editing tools make it highly impeccable. One of its key specifications is that with a downloading size of 200MB, it runs up to 1GB on its application. Thus, it is one of the best portable apps without any doubt.

4. VLC Media Player Portable

It has the capacity to open files from a cloud folder or an external device without intervening with Windows. In addition to that, it is a wonderful multimedia player for formatting audio and video clippings. Like others, it also supports free downloads and automatic updates to fix even the smallest malfunctions. It is free from malware and viruses, hence making it one of the safest applications out there.

A free and open platform, it plays almost every file. It has the ability to play all codecs and still doesn’t ask for any codec packs. Completely ad-free, it is a great relief to all of us. It also gives us the opportunity to download its amazing extensions.

5. CCleaner Portable

A very useful application, it cleans your device, creating space for the new files. It takes out all the unwanted and unused files in the form of trash. This process of cleaning makes your device more tidy and effective. It unclogs the spaces, clearing the unnecessary stuff. It even detects various duplicate files created at any point in time and deletes them.

It also monitors the browser and the system, making them work more efficiently. It is free of cost and deletes cookies, cache files, recycle bin, temporary files, and many more.


All of the above-mentioned applications are considered the best portable apps from every point of view. Whatever you use, they would definitely give you the best results. By looking at their key specifications, evidently, they are worth your time and effort. Do use them and experience the unraveling benefits of these apps.