‘PAW Patrol: The Movie’ Review: “Functional Cinema With No Passion”

You can’t really find fault with something if it does what it claims to do. That a towel rack is aesthetically unpleasing is a fair criticism.

‘PAW Patrol: The Movie’ Review: “Functional Cinema With No Passion”

A towel rack may not be universally loved, but it serves a useful purpose: preventing towels from cluttering up the floor. To be honest, I’m at that point with PAW Patrol: The Movie.

'PAW Patrol: The Movie’ Review: “Functional Cinema With No Passion”

For someone like myself, who hasn’t seen the show on TV, the movie had to prove why the kids find it so appealing.

It was essential that fluffy dogs save the day for their human companions. Despite the film’s many flaws, at least it gets that right.

The film succeeds most of all because it follows a tried and true format. This is a demonstration of some rather stylish rescue canines at work.

Each member of the PAW Patrol has their very own changing vehicle, and they are all incredibly well made and serve a variety of purposes.

What’s the Story of Paw Patrol Movie?

Ryder (voiced by Will Brisbin), the canine hating arch-nemesis of Mayor Humdinger (Ron Pardo) and the pups, is elected mayor of Alphabet Metropolis.

The “large city” close to the puppies’ hometown of Adventure Bay, in PAW PATROL: THE MOVIE.

He disrupts everything from a fireworks show to public transportation in the name of his own vanity after coercing a meteorologist into giving him control of a “cloud catcher” gadget that can manipulate the weather.

While Liberty (Marsai Martin), a scrappy adolescent pup, calls the rescue team to let them know that Adventure City needs their help.

Chase (Iain Armitage) is hesitant to return to the city because of his unhappy past there. The canine roundups and kennel closures begin after Mayor Humdinger, who has six cats, resorts to abusing the cloud catcher to ensure a sunny day.

This is an Effective Narrative Cal Brunker, the film’s director, knows how to make a movie work, and the film’s backers deserve credit for that.

The Story Works Well Thanks to Those Behind It

There is significantly more peril and excitement for us than in the play. Now that Paw Patrol has made it to the big screen, the Pups’ accessories can only get better.

Ryder claims that the cost of the PAW Patrol’s brand new headquarters was covered by the sales of PAW Patrol merchandise: “They sell like Hot Cakes – who knew!”

The movie does have some mature jokes sprinkled throughout. Massive sights, never felt too scary, and the puppies proved they could face their fears were all selling points.


In today’s market, even the most independent films compete with the major studio releases. PAW Patrol: The Movie is a throwback to a simpler time in children’s animation.

Wwhen cartoons were not only meant first and foremost to sell toys, but were not even attempting to hide that fact, and it’s been a long time since I’ve been so unable to ignore that reality.

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