Newcastle United Takeover: Joyous Scenes as Fans Celebrate New Era

Newcastle United’s new owners were greeted with enthusiasm from the club’s faithful, who packed St. James’s Park to see in the new era.

There was a massive turnout at the stadium on Thursday after news of a £305 million takeover financed by Saudi Arabia was announced.

Mike Ashley’s 14-year tenure as owner, during which the club was relegated from the Premier League twice, comes to an end.

Despite the backlash, Toon legend Alan Shearer says it was a “wonderful day” for the club’s long-suffering fans.

There is a perception that the Public Investment Fund (PIF), which will provide 80% of the funding for the deal, is independent from the state, which has been criticised for its human rights record.

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Newcastle United Fans Gathered Outside St James’ Park stadium

Many supporters of Newcastle United gathered late into the night to celebrate the club’s recent £305 million Saudi takeover during a party outside the team’s St. James’s Park stadium.

After years of calls from supporters, Mike Ashley’s 14-year tenure as Newcastle’s owner came to an end soon after 5:15 p.m. on Thursday.

Fans were spotted jumping into one other’s arms, tossing drinks into the air, dancing, and screaming club anthems after hearing that the.

Premier League had approved the takeover, which is financed by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund.

Young and elderly fans alike gathered together outside the Milburn Stand to wait for news of a new era to break.

Excitement Began At Around 4:50pm

At about 4:50 PM, word spread that the parties had completed the transfer of monies and club shares, and the anticipation level skyrocketed.

Wild celebrations broke out among fans as the comments confirming the deal were finally revealed, with some of the club’s most famous shouts, such as The Blaydon Races, resounding around the city.

Since the announcement, the stadium has been filled to capacity as supporters celebrate the beginning of a new era for the team.

The images outside St. James’s Park, with large flags being unfurled and people lining the stairs.

And walkways of the renowned ancient field, were ones that will undoubtedly be remembered fondly by fans and the city for a very long time.

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