New World is Amazon’s Biggest Video Game Hope Yet

The company’s top executives have been shuffled, and there’s a new game about space travel in the works. However, first, Amazon had a rare gaming victory. Inc.’s recently launched online game, New World, was originally so objectionable to Native Americans that the game’s creators had to hire a tribal adviser to get the corporation to change its mind.

New World is Amazon's Biggest Video Game Hope Yet

Years later, after having had its racist elements removed and its colonial America setting largely forgotten, New World seems to be Amazon’s first major video game success.

The PC version of the game on Steam now has more than 750,000 players at once, and hundreds of thousands more are tuning in to watch it on Twitch.

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Three days after the game’s release, it is still too soon for formal reviews, and Amazon has yet to reveal sales data.

New World, on the other hand, has generated significantly more excitement than any of the company’s previous games.

New World Is Well Designed to Have a Better Experience

If you’re looking for a large MMO, New World seems to have been algorithmically created to hook you in.

It meets all expectations and, as an added bonus, cleverly capitalises on the never-ending demand for fresh crafting and survival games.

Its multiple progression mechanisms are hypnotic, and it has the remarkable power to make chopping down a hundred trees at two in the morning seem like a perfectly acceptable, and even enjoyable, idea.

On paper, it sounds great with its robust crafting system, open PvP, player-led wars, and dynamic economy.

In practise, however, it’s a lot less exciting, with hours upon hours spent running through forests you’ve grown tired of seeing, fighting the same enemies.

They were fighting over and over again for the majority of those 60 levels, and hoping against hope that something new will happen to shake things up.

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Thousands of people can join “New World,” an online game set in a magically enhanced version of colonial America, to discover and develop the land.

Steam, the most popular PC game distribution platform, has seen hundreds of thousands of players at any given time since the game’s release.

Peaking at over 700,000 players on launch day, it was one of Steam’s largest launches ever. As of Thursday morning, there were over 450,000 active users at once.