12 Best Mobile Tracker Apps to Track A Cell Phone for Free

Each one of us wanted to see our family and friends secure, and we want to keep an eye over them, to keep yourself relaxed. Moreover, sometimes we lost our mobile phones or forgot where you placed. So in all such cases, it becomes necessary for us to keep track of the location of the mobile phone using mobile tracker apps.

What Are Mobile Tracker Apps?

Mobile tracker apps are specialized software designed to monitor the location and activities of smartphones. Widely used for various purposes such as parental control, employee monitoring, and even lost-phone tracking, these apps have increasingly become a part of modern lives.

With features that range from GPS location tracking to call monitoring and messaging logs, mobile tracker apps offer an in-depth look into the data and whereabouts of target devices.

12 Best Mobile Tracker Apps to Track A Cell Phone for Free

But the question arises, which one? Don’t worry, here are the 12 best mobile tracker apps that one can use.

1. Find My Phone

Find My Phone is one of the most reliable mobile tracker apps for tracking the location of cell phones. Moreover, this technology has been repeatedly used for the past several years. It is the best GPS tracking application.

This application supports both Apple and Android devices. This App has the feature of updating the location of the phone continuously to keep its user updated with changing location updates.

If you lost your smartphone somewhere nearby and you want to find it, you should check out the free lost phone search service. With the help of this source, you will find a lost mobile phone in a minimum amount of time and without any nerves and worries. Also, you can make calls to any country in the world, and completely free of charge!

2. Glympse

This App provides you with the option of tracking the location of your cell phone without paying any single penny. Moreover, this App supports Android, Apple, and Windows devices.

You can easily track the location of your device by using a glimpse online dashboard. Moreover, it made it very easy for its users to share their location whenever they want. It also allows you to access the location history of your device. This App has multiple features that reduce the need for multiple apps.

3. Femicide

It is one of the most preferred and reliable Location tracking applications as it very quickly provides you with the live location of your device very accurately at a single click. If you want to access all the features of this App, you are required to pay some amount.

That is available for both Apple and Android devices. If somehow you lost your phone you can easily track it with the help of this application, if your internet is on over that device

4. Spyzie

If you are very much concerned with your privacy, then you should try this app. This App has an invisible feature that differentiates it from other applications. This technology has made geo facing very easy and is very secure to use. This App serves the users of Apple and Android devices. It provides its users with some advanced features and charges some amount for its services in return.

5. Life360

Family is always the lifeline of every person. So this App is specially designed for knowing the live location of your friends and family. This is designed keeping in mind the security of your family members and friends. You will be getting regular alerts when your family members leave home or their workplace.

It also offers two versions- one is free, and another is paid. In the free version, you can keep track of two people. Whereas, in the paid version, you get access to many other features that allow advanced tracking. Moreover, it is quite popular among people.

6. Google Maps

This is the most common app for tracking anyone. It is inbuilt in your device to help you know your current location. You need to switch on the device’s location, and then you can know the location of the device.

The Google navigation system makes it easier for the user to track anyone. If you want to share your live location, you can also do so, on the top of the Navigator there is the feature to share your location with which you can do so. It has a common but not a simple way of sharing your location.

7. Family Locator

This is an app that was developed for tracing the person’s location through the simple GPS tracker. A company named Life360 developed this App. This App supports Android as well as Apple devices.

Family Locator was designed for tracing the location of the children and also for other members of the family for their safety. This App is freely available to you, and it is simple to use and makes it easier for you to track your loved ones. This App is full of features, and you can get to it as soon as you start using it.

8. Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is one of the best tracking apps and is freely available to you. This App not only provides you with a feature to track anyone but also provides you with some more features like call recording.

It is a very advance and latest App for tracing anyone. This App supports Android as well as Apple devices. It is easy to use. Also, you can download it very easily to your device.

9. Mobile Number Tracker

Mobile number tracker is an online website for tracking the location of cell phones. Also, it reduces the time of installing the App. You need to enter the mobile number at that site. After that, you’ll get to know the location of the cell phone.

10. Where’s My Droid

As its name clearly defines that this App is designed for the ease of Android users. This App ranks among the top cell phone tracker apps over the internet. This App offers its users an option to adopt a Pro version that offers a wide variety of features.

As this App is quite small in size, it is quite preferred by the people as it does not have storage issues. This App is quite user-friendly, and you can directly use this App.

11. Find My Friends

Find My Friends App is especially for Apple users, and it is an in-built feature in Apple devices. It helps in knowing the accurate location of the Apple device at a particular point in time.

This App turns out to be advantageous for its users as it also helps in knowing the location of their friends and family members. Moreover, you can avail of these services free of cost. It can be a secure way of tracking locations.

12. Tracker GPS

This App is quite effective and efficient for android users. It helps you in getting the exact location of the target cell phone. You can access this App without many formalities. It has quite an impressive user interface.

How Do Mobile Tracker Apps Work?

Mobile tracker apps primarily work by leveraging the built-in GPS unit of smartphones. Once installed on the target phone, the app collects data in real-time and transmits it to a central server or a designated device. Here’s a simplified breakdown:

  1. Installation: First, the tracker app needs to be installed on the device you want to monitor. Some apps require physical access for this step, while others can be installed remotely.
  2. Data Collection: The app gathers various types of data such as location, call logs, messages, and more.
  3. Transmission: This data is then sent to a secure server or directly to your device.
  4. Monitoring: You can access this data through a web-based dashboard or a specialized app, depending on the service you are using.

How Can I Track a Mobile Location for Free?

While many tracker apps come with a price tag, there are free options available as well. Here are some ways you can track a mobile location for free:

  1. Built-in Phone Features: Smartphones come with built-in features like ‘Find My iPhone’ for Apple and ‘Find My Device’ for Android. These services are free and only require that the feature is enabled on the target device.
  2. Free Tracking Apps: Apps like ‘Life360’ offer limited free versions that can be used for basic location tracking.
  3. Online Services: Websites that offer GPS tracking services often let you track a device by entering its phone number. However, these services might not be entirely accurate and could compromise security.

How Can I Track a Mobile Number?

To track a mobile number, you generally have a few options:

  1. Use Built-in Features: If you know the Apple ID or Google account linked to a device, you can track its location via ‘Find My iPhone’ or ‘Find My Device’ respectively.
  2. Through Mobile Tracker Apps: Certain mobile tracker apps allow you to monitor a device solely based on its phone number, although this is less common.
  3. By Network Provider: Telecommunication companies can track a device’s location but will generally only release this information to law enforcement agencies.
  4. Emergency Services: As a last resort, emergency services can triangulate a mobile device’s location using cell towers, but this is typically only done in urgent situations.

Summing Up

These are some best mobile tracker apps that one should go for. These apps will help in ensuring the safety of your loved ones.

Mobile tracker apps offer a robust set of features for monitoring the activities and locations of smartphones. With options ranging from free built-in services to specialized tracking software, keeping tabs on your loved ones or recovering a lost device has never been easier.