Can You Make Money With a 3D Printer?

Looking for ways you can make money with a 3D printer? The development of 3D printers really took the world by storm, and today there are so many different applications of 3D printing. Technology is being utilized more and more by all kinds of businesses. The slow speed and high cost of 3D printing meant that on an individual level, very few people saw the merits of the technology, but as it is now far faster and cheaper than before.

Can You Make Money With a 3D Printer?

With 3D printing now an integral part of so many different industries, the opportunities to profit from the technology are huge. Here are just some of the ways you can make money with a 3D printer.

Can You Make Money With a 3D Printer

1. Printing and Selling Miniatures

The miniature industry is big business, and there is some serious money to be made if you have the skills to 3D print quality miniatures. Fans of miniatures have been investing in expensive Warhammer figures and other similar products for years, and if you are able to create your own to the same standards, you can make a lot of money.

Different 3D printers are good for different tasks, and the experts at explain that when you are choosing a printer for miniatures, the most important features to look out for are a high layer resolution for precision details, a high nozzle temperature, and an easy to use touch screen.

If you can combine your 3D printing capabilities with some expert miniature painting skills, you really could make some serious cash selling to fans and can start a 3D printing business. Lifelike Marvel models are hot items these days with the success of the movie franchise, so that is definitely a profitable option.

2. Printing Useful Items

As well as printing and selling miniatures, there are various other useful products that a 3D printer enables you to produce and which have a potentially high sale value. As there is no limit to what you are able to print, you can really push your creativity when it comes to printing cardholders, phone cases, tablet covers, and anything else which you can think of.

These days, people are willing to pay a lot of money for something totally unique which is customized for them. Start a website selling different products that customers can design themselves and which you then print out and ship to them. Environmentally friendly products are particularly desirable now, so if you can create green products, there will be a huge market.

3. Cad Design

With 3D printing now becoming such a sought-after skill, it is well worth training yourself on CAD design software. This will enable you to create more complex blueprints and products which you will be able to sell. CAD software enables you to create anything so you can take bespoke orders from customers.

Cad Design

For example, a doctor’s surgery may want a scale model of the brain where the different lobes can be taken apart and studied. Beyond freelancing, CAD design skills alongside 3D printing are paramount in many industries now, from car manufacturing to construction.

With a 3D printer, you will be able to create scale models of engines, skyscrapers, and everything else, so there could be a big career ahead of you. Many CAD designers are now finding jobs in the military as weapons and technology development is constantly advancing. There are various 3D design printing training courses and schemes which run alongside the military and could open up useful doors.

4. Private 3D Printing Lessons

Giving children the opportunity to learn 3D printing is now so important as it is becoming such an integral technology. With too few schools teaching 3D printing, there is a big market for private tutors to offer their services to parents and children.

Introduce your students to the technology and help them to develop their programming and design skills. Help them to print out their own toys and puzzles, and you will be helping them to gain valuable skills for their future. With so many universities worldwide now using 3D printers, your students will have a head start if they start from an early age.

3D printers have completely transformed the world of business and technology, and there are some really exciting ways to make money from it. 3D printing is now totally integrated into the design, medicine, engineering, and education, so great 3D printing skills are a highly desirable asset.

From starting your own business creating high-quality miniatures to starting a career in automotive design, being able to use a 3D printer provides so many great opportunities. With technology becoming more and more affordable, there has never been a better time to start 3D printing.