Leni Klum Father

Leni Klum, Heidi’s eldest child, found her biological father in Italy in 2018. Heidi’s ex-husband Seal raised their daughter Leni as his own while Heidi was busy being a supermodel in Germany and the United States.

Since photos of Leni and her father were widely circulated last year, here is some background on Leni’s biological father, Flavio, an Italian businessman.

Can You Identify Leni’s Real Dad?

Leni Klum Father

Flavio Briatore is the biological father of Leni Klum. In early 2003, the 68-year-old Italian businessman dated model Heidi Klum. After the couple broke up in 2004, Leni was born. In addition to his role as the team’s MD, Flavio Briatore was the Commercial Director for the Benetton Formula One racing team.

Until 2009, he also served as the team principal for Renault. Flavio left Renault in 2009 after being hit with a number of allegations. Benetton’s playboy Flavio is also regarded as a soccer mogul, nightclub owner and significant babe magnet.

His strange personality is what drove a wedge between him and Heidi. Flavio has been linked to Heidi and a number of other stunning ladies, including Adriana Volpe, Eva Herzigova, Naomi Campbell, and Elle Macpherson.

Seal, the ex-husband of supermodel Heidi, adopted their daughter Leni after they divorced. The couple already had three children together. Heidi and Briatore reportedly kept in touch and had a meaningful reunion in 2018. The moment had come for Leni to meet her father, and she did so at this point.

Meeting Flavio Again After So Long…

Leni’s photos with her biological father, Flavio Briatore, were published by multiple media outlets in 2018. At the Cala Di Volpe hotel in Porto Cervo, the Italian billionaire reportedly had supper with Leni and Heidi. They were joined by Heidi’s ex-husband Sean and their three children.

According to the site’s source, “Everyone was happy and having fun,” and Flavio even joined the family for dinner. We don’t know if this was a one-time thing or if he plans to make Leni a regular part of his life. Flavio discussed his bond with his daughter in a prior interview.

Although he claims that Leni is his biological daughter, he, Seal, and Leni all agree that she would be better off if Seal adopted her because every kid needs a home and playboy can’t provide that.

Flavio claimed in 2016 that he and Heidi and Seal had developed a solid friendship. Leni revealed that she had phone conversations with Flavio while they were both young. Heidi was based in Los Angeles, while Flavio was in London at the time.

At the time, Flavio was married to model Elisabetta Gregoraci, and they went on to have a kid together in 2008. Flavio said in an earlier interview that he had accepted his fate. It’s tough to mourn the loss of a baby you never got to meet. But I know for a fact that Leni is not an orphan.

Flavio said, “It’s clear that Leni is a member of Seal’s family and that Nathan is a member of mine. Model and ‘AGT’ judge Heidi Klum, 46, recently celebrated her third wedding anniversary to Tom Kaulitz, co-founder of the rock band Tokio Hotel.