5 Best Landscape Design Software In 2024

What Is Landscape Design Software and What To Consider While Choosing It?

Landscape design software is a platform used by landscape designers and architects to visualize the landscape layout and establish the groundwork before starting the construction.

While deliberating which landscape software to use, one needs to keep certain considerations in mind. Firstly, it would be highly likely for one to choose software that comes with a free trial. This allows one to explore various platforms before finding the perfect fit to suit one’s requirements. Secondly, another aspect one definitely has to consider is the software’s compatibility with one’s device(s).

If you have been looking for a perfect match to meet your landscape designing needs, you’ve landed up at the right place! In this article, we have come up with a compiled list of some of the best landscape design software available.

Best Landscape Design Software Available In The Market

1. SmartDraw

This platform is one of the best landscape designing software you can get your hands on! With the SmartDraw company headquarter based out of Texas, USA, it provides its users with opportunities to work on their designs – easily allowing a lot of accessibility and sharing among other people.

Another interesting feature available is the option to design almost any structure ranging from gardens, backyards, verandas to houses or commercial setups. SmartDraw allows swift designing as it offers a varied number of templates that lets one explore and try out multiple designs.

This software is quite user-friendly as it is compatible with almost all devices- computers (iOS and Windows), mobile phones ( iOS and android), and almost every other OS. It also comes with a free trial period which lets clients test it out thoroughly before purchasing it.

2. VizTerra

Belonging to Structure Studios, VizTerra lets users design landscape plans in three-dimensional views. Easy conversion from 2D to 3D is also available. It comes equipped with a “Smart Library” which allows one to add any 3D item such as – trees, furniture, house supplies, etc. It also lets you share your design with others using both the video and photo options.

It lets the user design his/her landscape at different levels and also lets him/her stick to a budget by offering a feature to calculate the costs of different materials.

3. PRO Landscape

The purpose behind creating this software was to come up with designs to increase one’s revenue. It comes equipped with a photo imaging option that will let one use real images of the landscape one is creating. It also has a library of around 20,000 images that one can incorporate into one’s designs.

In addition to supporting a scale-measuring feature, it also has 3D creation and light designing options.You can opt for the free trial and if you like it, you can install the paid version. If you end up being unsatisfied with the software, you can get your money refunded in accordance with the company’s 60-day-money-back guarantee.

4. iScape

This software will appeal to all the iOS users out there. Specially designed for Apple products, it comes equipped with a “envision and plan” tool which allows you easy visualization. The “share” option gives you the ability to send your project to others.

One unique feature iScape offers is that you can use the app to purchase any of the items (furniture, plants, flower pots, etc.) that you incorporate into your designs.

5. Home Designerl Software

As the name suggests, this platform is a great fit for those who like to take on the challenge of designing their own homes. You can create a structure suited for all kinds of lands and lots.

It has a collection of around 3000 various garden items that helps design your dream house. Compatible with Mac as well as Windows, it allows adding water features and then viewing the final design before starting construction makes it one of the best software in its domain.

Wrapping up

We hope this article helped you gain insight into various landscape designing software. So, what are you waiting for? Hop on and get started on one of these platforms and design your dream landscapes!