Is ‘Jovi Nicole Engbino’ Became Parents To a Son

Two Capricorns have joined the Te’o family. On January 16, Manti Te’o of the NFL and his wife Jovi Nicole Engbino, who was 35 on January 14, became parents to a son.

In August, the pair made the news public that they were expecting; this followed the August release of the former athlete’s Netflix documentary Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist.

Te’o’s sporting career was nearly derailed by a catfishing incident, which was detailed in the documentary.

Jovi Nicole Engbino

Jovi Nicole Engbino has been in the spotlight for multiple reasons. From her modeling career to her job as a cosmetic injector, she’s made her presence known in both the fashion and medical aesthetics industries.

This article will delve deep into Jovi Nicole Engbino’s career, her net worth, and various aspects of her personal life, such as her education, parents, and relationships.

Jovi Nicole Engbino

Hiromi Te’o, Kyro Te’o’s older sister, was born a year ago to the happy couple. The publication of the Netflix documentary has had a profound effect on both of their lives. Already in the early stages of her nursing profession, Engbino recently graduated from Utah’s Joyce University of Nursing and Health Sciences.

On January 4, she announced on Instagram that she had begun working as a Cosmetic Injector at Luxx Medical Spa & Wellness, writing, “I have worked super hard to get through nursing school and train in the Aesthetic field, and I look forward to making women (and men!) feel more confident and enhance their natural beauty.”

Te’o, likewise, has been making an effort to revive his career by appearing frequently in the sports media. In September 2022, after the documentary premiered, he gave a speech at Notre Dame’s Irish Nation Victory March.

The former player also spoke at various events throughout his stay. For NBC Sports, he covered the Notre Dame Shamrock Series match. At year’s conclusion, he was photographed during an interview with NFL Network’s Senior Chief Reporter Steve Wyche.

Te’o’s new year’s resolution has been to be a better father. Of course, Engbino’s main priority right now is becoming a mother, but she’ll be starting a new position as soon as her maternity leave is through. The two of them face an exciting and promising future together.

Mother of Two:

Hiromi “Hiro” Te’o, a daughter, was born to the couple on August 12, 2021. Manti announced the arrival of their baby on Instagram with a picture of him and Jovi holding their new child. “Always thankful for my wonderful wife.

We appreciate you giving life to our daughter. My hero, you are. What can I say? “Writer Manti penned the following. “Hiro, your father adores you, and he couldn’t be happier or more honoured to be your parent. I adore you, sweetheart.”

Manti made the announcement on CBS Mornings in August 2022, just days after they had celebrated Hiro’s first birthday. Jovi posted an Instagram video of Manti’s interview alongside a blue heart and a baby symbol to confirm the news. On January 16, 2023, they welcomed a boy named Kyro Aumua Te’o.

“Here we go, my little King. We’ve been waiting for you eagerly!” She added a caption to the first photo taken of her and Manti with Kryo. Manti commented on Jovi’s song and told him: “Adore you, sweetie! Many thanks! You are greatly appreciated! Many thanks!”

Jovi Nicole Engbino Career as a Model and Cosmetic Injector

Jovi Nicole Engbino has found success in two quite different but intriguing career paths.


She started as a model and has been featured in several campaigns, fashion shows, and magazines. Her stunning looks and unique style have made her a sought-after figure in the fashion world.

Cosmetic Injector

Apart from modeling, Jovi has also made a name for herself as a cosmetic injector. She works in the field of medical aesthetics, where she performs procedures like Botox injections, dermal fillers, and other non-invasive treatments.

This dual career path has not only made her versatile but also increased her earning potential substantially.

Jovi Nicole Engbino Net Worth

While the exact figures of her net worth are not publicly disclosed, it’s speculated to be in the hundreds of thousands, thanks to her diverse career in modeling and medical aesthetics.

Jovi Nicole Engbino Age and Height

Jovi Nicole Engbino is in her early 30s, and her height is approximately 5’7″, although this information has not been officially confirmed.

Jovi Nicole Engbino Education

Details about her educational background are somewhat limited. However, considering her career as a cosmetic injector, it’s likely she has undergone specialized training in medical aesthetics.

Jovi Nicole Engbino Parents

There is little to no public information available about Jovi Nicole Engbino’s parents, and she prefers to keep this aspect of her life private.

Jovi Nicole Engbino Spouse, Ex-Affairs, and Kids

Jovi Nicole Engbino is known to keep her personal life away from the media spotlight. While she’s been linked to some famous personalities in the past, her current relationship status remains undisclosed. It’s also unknown whether she has any children.

Jovi Nicole Engbino House

The specifics about her residence are also not publicly known, adding to her enigmatic persona.

Jovi Nicole Engbino Awards

As of now, there are no known awards attributed to Jovi Nicole Engbino. However, her growing prominence in her fields could potentially lead to accolades in the future.

Jovi Nicole Engbino Social Media Presence

Jovi Nicole Engbino has a moderate social media presence, primarily on Instagram, where she often shares snippets from her professional life, including her work as a cosmetic injector and her modeling gigs.

What Does Jovi Nicole Engbino Do For a Living?

To sum it up, Jovi Nicole Engbino has carved a niche for herself in both the fashion and medical aesthetics industries. Her job as a model and a cosmetic injector has given her significant professional exposure and financial stability.

What Does Jovi Nicole Do Now?

Currently, Jovi Nicole Engbino appears to be focusing on her career as a cosmetic injector, given the rising demand for aesthetic treatments. She also occasionally models and maintains her social media channels to stay connected with her followers.


Jovi Nicole Engbino is a multifaceted personality who has achieved a lot in her professional life. Though she keeps much of her personal life private, her career speaks for itself. With her skill sets in modeling and cosmetic injections, she has found a unique space where beauty meets science.

She is an inspiration for those looking to diversify their careers and proves that it’s possible to successfully blend two seemingly disparate fields.