Is Pedro Pascal Married? The Comprehensive Look at the Life of the Renowned Actor

Pedro Pascal, the charismatic actor capturing hearts on both TV and the big screen, has been a topic of immense curiosity for fans and followers.

While he’s well-known for his characters in movies and TV shows, details about his personal life—particularly his marital status—are a hot topic of discussion.

Is Pedro Pascal married? We will explore this question along with insights into his career, accolades, and more in this SEO-optimized, detailed article.

Is Pedro Pascal Married?

Marital Status: The Truth About Pedro Pascal’s Love Life

Contrary to circulating rumors, Pedro Pascal has never been married. The actor is highly private about his personal life, opting to keep such details under wraps.

Ex-Affairs and Personal Life

While Pedro Pascal is not married, his past relationships and affairs are largely kept out of the public eye, further emphasizing his wish for privacy in his personal matters.

Who is Pedro Pascal?

Movies and TV Shows

Pedro Pascal has a diverse portfolio, from his role in “Game of Thrones” to his portrayal of Din Djarin in “The Mandalorian.” Other notable credits include “Narcos,” “Wonder Woman 1984,” and “Triple Frontier.”

Other Names

He was born as José Pedro Balmaceda Pascal but is professionally known as Pedro Pascal.

Net Worth, Age, and Height

  • Net Worth: An estimated $5 million, as of 2023.
  • Age: Born on April 2, 1975, Pedro Pascal is 48 years old.
  • Height: He stands at 5 feet 11 inches.

Education and Background

Pascal was born in Santiago, Chile, but his family sought asylum in the U.S. He was raised in Orange County, California, and San Antonio, Texas. Pedro is a graduate of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

Awards and Accolades

Pascal has received critical acclaim for his roles, garnering nominations for prestigious awards, although a big win still eludes him.

Where Does Pedro Pascal Live?

Pedro Pascal resides in New York City, though his work often takes him to various filming locations worldwide.

Social Media Presence

FAQ & Trivia

Did Pedro Pascal Do Voice Acting?

Yes, Pedro Pascal has dabbled in voice acting. He lent his voice to the character of Maxwell Lord in “Justice League Dark: Apokolips War.”

Is Pedro Pascal in the DC Universe?

Yes, Pedro Pascal made a significant entry into the DC Universe with his role as Maxwell Lord in “Wonder Woman 1984.”

What is Pedro Pascal Most Famous For?

Pedro Pascal gained international fame for his portrayal of Oberyn Martell in “Game of Thrones” and his role in “The Mandalorian.”

Is Pedro Pascal the Highest-Paid Actor?

While Pedro Pascal enjoys a prosperous career, there is no verified information to suggest that he is the highest-paid actor in Hollywood as of 2023.


From his compelling roles in movies and TV shows to his secretive personal life, Pedro Pascal is indeed a figure of intrigue. While he may not be married, he is undoubtedly committed to his craft, continuously captivating audiences with his performances.

This article aims to offer a comprehensive overview of the actor, dispelling rumors, and shedding light on various facets of his life.