Is It Bad Luck To Buy Yourself An Evil Eye Bracelet

An introduction to the evil eye’s meaning. It is widely held in many cultures around the world that one person’s thoughts or even just an envious glance can inflict harm to another person. When discussing this phenomenon, we shall use the phrase “evil eye” rather than any other synonyms.

What is the evil eye and how does one get it? What are the signs and symptoms of having the evil eye? We cover all of this and more in our series of articles on the subject.

Is It Bad Luck To Buy Yourself An Evil Eye Bracelet

The Evil Eye Bracelet has increasingly become a trendy fashion accessory, but its roots are deeply embedded in various cultures and traditions around the world. Believed to ward off negative energy and protect the wearer from the ‘evil eye,’ this mystical bracelet is surrounded by various myths, rules, and beliefs.

In this comprehensive article, we’ll explore what the Evil Eye Bracelet is, its rules, benefits, and commonly asked questions such as its proper wear, sleeping with it on, and more.

What is the Evil Eye Bracelet?

The Evil Eye Bracelet typically features an ‘eye’ symbol, often crafted from blue and white concentric circles, beads, or stones. The bracelet has its origins in ancient civilizations such as Greece, Turkey, and Egypt and has been adopted by multiple cultures globally. It is believed to act as a protective talisman against malicious stares, negativity, and bad luck.

What does it Mean to have the Evil Eye?

If another person is afflicting us with Raja-Tama vibrations by the usage of the term “evil eye,” then that other person is committing evil eye on us, whether consciously or unconsciously.

Jealousy, anger, the desire for fame, and other vices are all too common in today’s hypercompetitive and egocentric society. Vibrations generated by the practise of Raja-Tama are a spiritually debilitating experience for us. The name “evil eye” refers to this type of affliction. Affliction by the evil eye can also manifest as distress brought on by the presence of negative forces (ghosts, demons, devils, etc.).

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Many people dismiss the evil eye as mere superstition and a phenomenon with no basis in fact, but they fail to recognise or grasp the fact that numerous facets of the spiritual realm can have a direct impact on our daily lives.

People who have had these rituals performed on them report immediate alleviation from a variety of ailments that they could not otherwise alleviate, according to our investigations into the numerous methods and rituals for banishing the evil eye.

Is the Evil Eye Capable of Affecting Anyone or Anything?

A person or object might be cursed with the evil eye. An individual, animal, plant, and inanimate object are all included in this category.

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As a Result of the Evil Eye, How Does one Get Afflicted?

It was made by Ms. Priyanka Lotlikar, an astute seeker with advanced sixth sense abilities, to illustrate the subtle effect of casting an evil eye. When someone casts the evil eye on another person, she was able to examine the subtlety of the process.

Rules for Wearing an Evil Eye Bracelet


Some traditions advocate wearing the bracelet on the left wrist to better absorb positive energy. Others suggest the right wrist to shield against negative vibes.


It is commonly believed that the Evil Eye Bracelet’s powers are more potent when received as a gift.


The bracelet can be made from various materials such as gold, silver, or thread, but the eye’s color should predominantly be blue.

Multiple Bracelets:

Wearing more than one bracelet is generally considered acceptable, though it depends on personal beliefs and cultural norms.

What Happens If Someone Gives You an Evil Eye Bracelet?

Being gifted an Evil Eye Bracelet is often considered a gesture of love and protection. Many believe that the bracelet is more effective when received as a gift rather than purchasing it for oneself.

Can I Sleep with My Evil Eye Bracelet On?

There is no universal rule against sleeping with an Evil Eye Bracelet. However, some prefer to remove it to prolong its lifespan and maintain its potency. In any case, comfort and personal belief should guide your decision.

Who Wears an Evil Eye Bracelet?

While the bracelet was traditionally worn by believers in specific cultures, it has now transcended cultural boundaries. It’s popular among people of all ages and backgrounds, often embraced for its aesthetic appeal as much as its supposed spiritual benefits.

Can I Wear an Evil Eye Bracelet on My Ankle?

Though traditionally worn on the wrist, many people now wear Evil Eye anklets. The basic protective principles are thought to remain the same, regardless of its placement on the body.

Benefits of the Evil Eye Bracelet

Spiritual Protection:

The primary benefit is spiritual protection against negative energies and malicious glares.

Fashionable Accessory:

With various designs and materials, it serves as a stylish addition to your wardrobe.


Some wearers report feeling a sense of peace and wellbeing, though this is subjective.

Cultural Connection:

Wearing the bracelet can serve as a way to connect with or honor a particular culture or tradition.

What Color Should an Evil Eye Bracelet Be?

Traditional Blue

The most traditional and widely recognized color for an Evil Eye Bracelet is blue. The color blue has long been associated with water and the sky, symbols of purity and good health in many cultures. It’s thought that the blue eye can ward off negative energies most effectively.

Alternative Colors

In recent years, the Evil Eye Bracelet has been reinvented in various other colors such as red, green, yellow, and black. Each color is said to have its own significance and benefit:

  • Red: For courage and protection
  • Green: For happiness and good health
  • Yellow: For success and optimism
  • Black: For power and prosperity

It’s essential to choose a color that resonates with you personally, whether it’s traditional blue or another hue that aligns with your specific desires and needs.

How Many Evil Eye Bracelets Can You Wear?

Personal Preference and Cultural Belief

There is no hard and fast rule about the number of Evil Eye Bracelets one can wear. It is largely based on personal preference and the cultural traditions you might follow. Some people wear multiple bracelets to layer the protective energies or combine different colors for a more potent blend of benefits.

Aesthetic Consideration

From a fashion perspective, layering bracelets has become increasingly popular. Multiple Evil Eye Bracelets can add a stylish flair to your outfit while also serving their protective purpose.


While wearing multiple bracelets might amplify the design element, it could also lead to quicker wear and tear. Also, too many bracelets might feel cumbersome during daily activities.


The Evil Eye Bracelet is a fascinating blend of fashion, spirituality, and cultural tradition. Whether you’re wearing it to shield against negative energies or simply as a trendy accessory, it’s essential to respect its cultural origins.

If you found this guide enlightening, share it with friends interested in mystical or cultural jewelry. Your experiences and questions about the Evil Eye Bracelet are welcome in the comments below!