Various Interesting Facts About Online Games That You Should Know

The gaming industry has gradually evolved from a solo adventure and conquering different worlds to a logical multiplayer, with the ability to play together or against friends, which in turn could not stop progress and created one of the most popular genres – MMO RPG.

Popular projects – World of Warcraft, Destiny 2, Lineage 2 for a long time entered their names in the history of game developments and worlds that are still popular today.

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Various Interesting And Unusual Facts About Online Games That You Should Know

But what about the Gaming industry as a whole? Consider a lot of interesting facts that forever changed the gaming world, by accident or on purpose – it does not matter.


There is a huge love of games in the US government, including during working hours, which leads to losses of up to 10 billion dollars due to reduced productivity and constant distractions from the work process.

Various Interesting And Unusual Facts About Online Games That You Should Know

Reply to Indiana Jones

The popular playable character Lara Croft, based on the film with the iconic Angelina Jolie and another project planned in the future, has become the answer to Indiana Jones in the female face and one of the most popular cosplay characters in the world.

Initially, Lara was not an object of sexualization, but just an adventurer, until the designer accidentally enlarged the breasts of the main character, which the developers liked, and the result was left for the official release.

At the moment, the cinematic Lara Croft in a series of modern games is one of the most popular series of game projects to date.

Game Addiction

Gaming addiction, should not be confused with a hobby, but let me remind you that as long as games do not harm the Health of a person and others, this is just a hobby, not an addiction.

So – the true dependence on computer games was recognized as no less severe than drug addiction.

The Most Profitable Games in History

Some of the most popular games in history that still have their own audience and niche are Angry Birds and Minecraft.

The Role of the Game Doom for the Gaming Industry

Doom at its time of release, back in 1994, was considered the bloodiest game in the industry, and for its time, the project set the trend for future shooters, including reference sets of weapons.

They became:

  • Gun.
  • Shotgun.
  • Machine gun.
  • Grenade launcher.

After the release of Doom, many subsequent projects use these stages in their weapon setups.

Gamer Stats

According to surveys, people of literally all ages play games, the difference is only in the amount of time spent playing their favorite games. People over 50 play the least, and teenagers and people over 30 play the most.

More than 40% of all players are women. One of the most Popular games to choose from is Mortal Kombat. Men often play shooters and complex games, women often choose casual and logical projects.

The Benefits of Games That Are Implemented After

According to research, games have a positive effect on reaction to action and time to make decisions. So surgeons react faster to a change in the status of the patient during the operation and a quick reaction to prevent the worst outcome.

Motorists are more proactive in avoiding collisions and staying calm in stressful situations, especially those who enjoy racing and simulation games.

Various Interesting And Unusual Facts About Online Games That You Should Know

Popular Game Names

The world-famous plumber Mario, who still cannot find and save his princess from the clutches of the dragon and destroys thousands of mushrooms, turtles, monkeys, and dinosaurs, got his name in honor of the first landlord, from whom developers from Nintendo rented their first office.

The character became so popular that children were even actively named after him, and the excitement around the name soared by many percent, according to statistics.

Pizza Brings Ideas

A popular character from the 90s, Pac-Man appeared as a prototype for biting a slice of pizza, which is prompted by his shape and perfectly triangular mouth opening. Pac-Man literally translates as to chew, and the hero gave popularity to the gaming industry 30 years ago on the game.

Hard Labor in Online Games

In Chinese prisons in 2011, a scandal erupted due to the disclosure of a scheme for making money on online games involving prisoners.

The prison authorities forced them to play World of Warcraft and farm in-game gold for 12 hours every day and sold the loot for real money through services and direct sales.

It is interesting that the incident cost a simple fine for all those responsible, and the argument that the prison earns much more without bothering the prisoners to physically work on the machines had no effect and the project was essentially completed.

Weird and Paid Gaming Bullying

In China, there was a funny and strange incident in which the father was very worried about his son’s love for online games, because of which, in his opinion, he escaped from reality and wasted his life.

Lacking the necessary influence and effective arguments, he simply paid money to the players so that they would regularly find his son’s character in an online game and kill them, preventing them from playing normally.

There is no reliable information about how such a strange donation experiment ended, most likely with a strong rage and a problem in the relationship between father and son, since such detailed details became known.

Shortage of Coins from Games

Previously, people played on special machines in which they installed games, but one session cost a coin, denominated depending on the country.

Gradually, it was these coins that became too scarce, and it was almost impossible to get them until the very fall in the popularity of games in shopping centers.

Games for Later, Which Does Not Always Come

The Valve company, which launched such a well-known and popular Steam platform for Buying games and launching them from their library, cited statistics that about 40% of the games that players buy are never launched.

The fact is that promotions and sales often take place on Steam, and good games can be taken at a discount of up to 80%, which many gamers use, and then they never turn on the game that pushed them to such an impulse.

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Lucid Dreams

One of the most interesting phases and types of dreams is lucid. These are dreams that can be controlled and modified after a clear realization that you are sleeping. Each person sees at least one such dream in a lifetime, of varying duration and direction, several cult films have even been shot about this phenomenon, including The Beginning.

According to research, the statistics of such dreams are higher for people who are addicted to any kind of games. Most likely, the secret is in a flexible and active imagination, as well as habits in a fictional world.