How To Make a Ribbon Bow

It is not difficult to present a beautifully wrapped gift. To help you achieve the look of something from a high-end department store in a matter of minutes, we will demonstrate how to make your own beautiful, full bows.

Whether you use homemade wrapping paper or fabric to present your gifts, a classic pom-pom ribbon bow provides that extra something. If you make your own bow, you can use any colours and patterns you like.

Anyone can learn to use this bow, you don’t need to be a regular at Santa’s workshop. Our method is suitable for novices and may be used to any ribbon.

How To Make a Ribbon Bow

Using a wire-edged ribbon, like the plaid wired ribbon we used (sold for $9 at Walmart), is a good place to start if this is your first time sewing a complicated bow. You can simply disguise any flaws in the bow’s loops thanks to the wiring.

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The Art of the Pom-Pom Bow

Required Materials

  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Craft wire

Detailed Instructions

A pom-pom ribbon bow may be made following these steps and will look just as beautiful as one purchased from a store. Any ribbon will do, but wire-edged ribbons will make styling a breeze.

Step 1: Make a Ribbon Ring

Make a circle out of the ribbon; ours is about six inches in diameter because that’s how wide of a bow we want to make. Keep going around with the ribbon until you’ve made at least eight complete circles. The fuller your bow, the more times you should wrap the ribbon around the centre.

Step 2: Reduce Waste

After you’ve completed your circling, unfold the ribbon and use it make a diagonal cut in each corner. If you trim the bow too much, the centre will lose its round shape.

Step 3: Centre for Safety and Security

After cutting the four corners:

  1. Fold the loops in half again so that the notches you made line up in the middle.
  2. Tie the ribbon as tightly as you can with a tiny piece of string or craft wire around the centre notches.
  3. The threads can be left dangling; the loops will cover them up.

Step 4: Puff Balls

To make a bow, start by pulling out the centre loop and twisting it to the right. To the left, twist the next innermost loop that you pull out. Repeat this process until all of the loops on one side have been twisted. Do the same thing on the opposite side of the bow.

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Step 5: Change the Loops

Put the bow together by arranging the loops as desired. If you’re using a wire-edged ribbon, the loops won’t come undone no matter how you shape them. Wrap the bow over the top of the package and secure it in place using the thin ribbon or wire ends.