How Kyrsten Sinema Uses Clothing to Signal Her Social Class

While Senator Kyrsten Sinema is able to shrug off criticism from fellow Democrats and even direct confrontation with residents, she believes her wardrobe choices while in office should be off-limits to scrutiny.

Sinema’s vibrant, bold-patterned clothing, denim vests and sweatshirts, and bright-colored hairstyles have garnered national notice since she was sworn into the United States Senate in 2019.

How Kyrsten Sinema Uses Clothing to Signal Her Social Class

In the month of February, she presided over the Senate while wearing a pink shirt that read “dangerous creature” in red letters.

In addition to being one of just 24 women in the Senate, Sinema is also only the second openly LGBTQ female senator, which may draw even more attention to her appearance and clothing choices.

Arizona Feels Offensive That Media Keeps Discussing About Her Sartorial Choices

Kyrsten Sinema, a senator from Arizona, finds it upsetting that the media keeps talking about the photo she tweeted of herself wearing a “Fuck Off” ring.

Sinema’s resistance to Joe Biden’s Build Back Better plan has made her a household name in recent months, but the senator’s flashy clothing and frequent style shifts have also contributed to her notoriety.

Take note, AOC – Kyrsten Sinema’s terrible style actually makes a message, and Kyrsten Sinema’s style keeps us guessing (both from The New York Times).

How Kyrsten Sinema Uses Clothing to Signal Her Social Class

We use “middle-class” as a synonym for “citizen,” “voter,” and “American,” all of which have strong connotations of national identity.

And while my progressive comrades may certainly object at this comparison, Sinema’s design is undoubtedly the most accessible to her supporters.

When compared to some of the best-regarded female lawmakers in Congress. I’ve learned more than enough about style to realise that few American women can afford to dress like, say.

The preternaturally turned-out Nancy Pelosi. Many of us find Sinema’s fashion performance unsettling since it is so average.

The senator does not seem to be pushing herself to improve. However, this in no way diminishes the ambition displayed in her fashion narrative.


According to Mears, “choosing your audience” is an integral part of any performance, including those with political roles.

When compared to other female lawmakers, Sinema stands out because she tries to juggle a number of responsibilities at once.

The skinny jeans and tight T-shirts mutter ingeniously, oblivious to the restrictions. Wearing garish patterns, wigs, and other accoutrements calls attention to the wearer as an outsider.

Someone who is aware of the rules yet chooses to disregard them nevertheless. To her, a powerful broker or elite may be indicated by a bold design in a silhouette other than the one she prefers.

But overall, they’re talking to someone who isn’t necessarily stuck in any of the stereotypes associated with women in politics.