The Ultimate Guide To Scoring Stacked Monitors on Black Friday

In the digital age, efficiency is paramount. While workers worldwide are all for hybrid workspaces as they allow for a better work-life balance, it’s safe to assume that many are not big fans of its impact on office spaces.

According to the International Facility Management Association, the average worker’s cubicle space has shrunk from 90 sq.ft in 1994 to 75 sq.ft in 2010.

Since there’s little hope for this trend to reverse, we must arm ourselves with cutting-edge technology to augment our productivity: the Geminos stacked monitors.

The Ultimate Guide To Scoring Stacked Monitors on Black Friday

In this post, we highlight the selling features that are quickly becoming essential. This will give you all the information you need to snag it on Black Friday: up to 50% off, no code required.

Save Space

Adding another monitor to your workstation expands your available screen space exponentially. Our multi-monitor setup is incredibly space efficient despite featuring two 24-inch screens.

It sounds a little out there, but hear us out.

The monitor screens are stacked one on top of the other. This orientation reduces clutter on your desk, leaving enough room for your notepads and pens.

The Ultimate Guide To Scoring Stacked Monitors on Black Friday

And because it has a built-in webcam, speakers, and microphone for your convenience, you are guaranteed an emptier desk. As clutter can affect your psychological health, clearing everything else out will help you focus and process information better.

Work Smart, Not Hard

At this point, you’re probably tired of hearing that a dual-monitor laptop can boost your productivity by up to 42%, so we won’t get too much into it. But that’s not all it does.

Techies will agree that added monitors improve efficiency and reduce the risk of errors, as you no longer have to context switch when you move between apps.

The screens will easily house the essential applications, documents, and reference materials simultaneously, giving you access to all the information you need in one glance.

This paves the way for multi-tasking. You can create or edit a graphic on one screen while communicating with the client on another to ensure the result matches their expectations.

You can let a video render on one while you sketch out a design for a new project on the other. The possibilities are endless when you have so many screens!

Increase Screen Real Estate

Dual monitors give you two times the power of your standard laptop screen. And because this one is even larger (a real ultra-wide experience), it will provide you with even more screen space.

This is particularly useful for reading lines upon lines of code, creating graphic designs, streaming video games—basically, everything.

And because the monitors have ultra-thin bezels, you can enjoy an immersive experience no matter what you do.

The Ultimate Guide To Scoring Stacked Monitors on Black Friday

Better Collaboration

Collaboration expedites project completion, as the success of every member of the team is tied together. In a world where companies are echoing the popular sentiment that meetings should be kept at a bare minimum, we’ve made it easy to ensure everyone thrives without much back-and-forth between departments.

With this dual monitor setup in your arsenal, you can use Zoom to present from one screen while you apply suggestions on the project in real-time.

This minimizes the risk of miscommunication, saves time, and ensures everybody is on the same page. And as it gives you the freedom to share only one screen, you don’t have to worry about teammates seeing something they’re not supposed to!

Improve Comfort

Using the computer for long hours can lead to eye strain and fatigue, neck, back, and shoulder pain, and posture issues. These problems don’t magically go away with a dual monitor, as you’ll have to move your head side by side even more.

Things might look brighter for you with stacked monitors.

They have sit-to-stand flexibility with a novel linkage system for controlled movements. The top screen slides up and down while the bottom pivots in and out, so you can easily adjust the angles to your comfort.

Keep it at eye level or slightly below that (0 to 30 degrees) for the best viewing ergonomics. And if you keep it at an arm’s length, you can maintain good posture, minimize neck turning, and prevent reflections from hitting your eyes.

Elevate Your Gear with Mobile Pixels

Stacked monitors can do a 180 on your life by allowing you to do more work in less time, minimize health concerns, and enjoy an immersive experience.

Get yours today from our website, now available at a discount during the Black Friday sale!