Top 4 Best Green Screen Software in 2024

Video making and editing have become quite common nowadays. Gone are the days when films and videos were made by professional filmmakers limited to the big screen. Everything has changed since then. Today it’s quite easy for people to make videos, edit them and upload them on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. In most cases, they get paid also.

Video creators always need a green screen in their shoots. The green screen plays a very crucial role in enhancing the quality of the video by changing the background. Special effects can also be applied to any video through a green screen. However, the cost of arranging a green background and its whole setup is quite expensive.

There was a time when only professional photographers and filmmakers could arrange them. Even video editing software that provides green screen are not cost-friendly. E.g., Adobe Premiere provides a green screen and some other features with a cost of $19.99/month which is a bomb indeed.

Best Green Screen Software

4 Best Green Screen Software in 2021

In this case, there is some other software that provides all green screen features along with some other editing features free of cost.

The four most popular software are:-

1. iMovie

iMovie software was developed by Apple. It is an ideal software for bringing clips of videos together and combining them in a professional-looking production. Apart from basic functions of editing such as cut, paste, copy, crop, etc, it provides various simple and easy-to-use effects like built-in sound and animation and, most importantly, green background effect.

iMovie features:

  1. Most used editor for Mac with green screen feature.
  2. Can be operated on any iOS device. Work is cross-platform.


  • Provides a user-friendly interface.
  • Most convenient software for green screen.
  • Animated titles and credits are made easily.


  • Requires a high version of OS.
  • Import of MP4 files for editing is quite difficult.
  • Demands huge HDD space.

2. Virtual DUB

Virtual DUB software provides free video editing features along with a green screen feature for Windows. This software is mostly used for dealing with the basic features of editing in Windows and does not help provide professional video editing features.

The editing features of Virtual DUB software include swap audio tracks, adding filters, trim clips, and adjust audio. Virtual DUB can also be used to process linear video streams and recompression. It has a feature of a green background, which is not much effective.

Virtual DUBfeatures:

  1. Highly stable.
  2. Green screen videos are made by adding a plugin.


  • Green screen videos are made for different format types.
  • Compatible and user-friendly.


  • The green screen editor is quite primitive and simple.

3. Lightworks

Lightworks software is in use for almost 25 years now. The software is supported by Mac/Windows/LINUX. This software has some advanced features in green screen and video editing and is used by professionals.

Lightworks software may also be compatible with those who have some experience in editing. The features of audio and video FX can make the green screen video even more appealing. Apart from the green screen feature, proxy workflows for 4k can also be used.

Lightworks features:

  1. It provides a professional interface to the users.
  2. Designed predominately for the filmmakers.
  3. It is an awarded editor.


  • Uploading videos on YouTube in 4k quality is relatively easy.
  • The timeline editing feature is simple to use.


  • Not useful for beginners.

4. HitFilm Express

This software is usually used by beginners for learning green screen editing. This is a free green screen editor which helps to make creative videos. Since this software is used for beginners for learning editing, many online courses are also provided by HitFilm. It has more than 140 effects. The software is supported by both iOS and Windows.

HitFilm Express features:

  1. 2D and 3D compositing, which helps in making green screen videos.
  2. A large number of transitions and tracks available that enhance the quality of the videos created.


  • Different types of green screen videos are easily made.
  • This software has an international filmmaking community.


  • Learning to use this software is a time-consuming process.


With the increase in popularity of video editing and making, the availability of good editing software plays an important role. Having a high-quality video experience attracts a larger mass. Hence, different types of software are designed to improve the experience of the people watching the video.

Attractive content is liked by all. Green background plays a key role in enhancing the quality of videos. There is hype about the use of these backgrounds in film industries as well as among the digital creators.