Google’s Pixel 6 Issues Are Causing A Crisis of Trust

Google Pixel had been a great smartphone from the time it came out. There had been various other phones in the series that came out after that because it was liked by many people.

Also, the new and recent Google Pixel 6 came out just recently it had been hyped up for so many months, and when it had been finally out, we had the problems and issues cropping up here that is not making the customers happy at all.

Google's Pixel 6 Issues Are Causing A Crisis of Trust

We can not say that all the customers are not happy with the turn of events, but quite a few people are not really interested in the phone because of certain personal issues that they have with the phone. Well, we are not saying that Google Pixel 6 is not a good phone.

It is a great phone which has fixed all the bugs and shortcomings of the previous phones, and they have also delivered all that they have promised in the first place. Many people are also really happy with it. So you do not have to worry about it if you disagree with others regarding your views on the phone.

“It’s certainly possible that Google is having widespread quality control problems, but it isn’t something I have seen directly (anecdotally, my Pixel 6 review units have been fine),” Avi Greengart, from Techsponential, told Digital Trends.

“However, even if the Pixel 6 is bulletproof, it still must contend with a market that leans heavily Apple and Samsung, and, in Europe, is inundated with low-cost competition from Chinese brands.”

That is all that we have for now. So do look at the Google Pixel 6 if you have not yet. Then you can decide for yourself. Keep your eyes on the news. That is it.

What’s All the Fuss About?

It bears repeating that I have a Pixel 6 that I purchased myself and find to be satisfactory. When not under pressure, it performs admirably despite a few hiccups and a less-than-ideal battery. Checking the comment sections and Pixel subreddits will reveal the same to be true for my Pixel-using coworkers.

Many customers are quite pleased with their purchase of a Google Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro. After all, dissatisfied people tend to shout the loudest. You won’t know Google succeeded in redeeming the Pixel 6’s image with the upcoming update unless you don’t hear anything negative about the device.