What is Proxy and Where are the Best “Free Proxy” Available

If you need to investigate confidential data, hiding your IP address is a must. Your ISP or the government can trace your searches, whether they are for work or pleasure. People naturally dread being watched, even if they are doing nothing wrong.

With the help of a proxy server, you can surf the web anonymously. The Proxy will retrieve the information on your behalf rather than visiting the website directly. To surf the web anonymously, use the proxy server as your entry point.

Your Internet service provider will see only that you accessed the Proxy and not which sites you really went to or what you performed on those sites. Here is a curated collection of the best free proxy servers, each with a brief overview, unique selling point, and relevant metrics.

Free Proxy

What is a Proxy?

The word “Proxy server” refers to a computer that sits between your machine and the web. To the outside world, your computer’s IP address will appear to be that of the proxy server.

The proxy connects to the Internet for your browser, and your browser connects to the rest of the world through the proxy. There are two main protocols that proxy servers use to communicate with the Internet.

Best Fee Proxy Options

Check out these top-notch proxy services.

1. Bright Data

For comprehensive proxy services everywhere in the world, look no farther than Bright Data, the industry leader. Bright Data features an IP pool that includes both residential and mobile proxies, making its proxies the most trustworthy and numerous on the market.

Web scraping and crawling, search engine optimization audits, trademark protection, and ad verification are just some of the many uses for its proxies. It’s free to use and includes access to the highly effective Bright Data Proxy Manager, Proxy Browser Extension, and API.

2. Spys. one

Spys.one is a well-known proxy site that has been operating since 2008 and using its current domain name since 2017. The Proxy/IP/network utilities it offers are all free to use as well. Spys.one is compatible with a wide range of protocols, such as HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS. Spys.one is compatible with Squid Proxy as well. Squid Proxy is a caching and proxying Proxy Server that runs on Unix.

When you revisit the site, the browser will automatically load the cached app data from your local system rather than downloading it again over the internet. Your bandwidth costs will be reduced thanks to caching, which will also speed up page loads. At present (July 2017), Spys.one hosts more than 3,500 Squid Proxies.

3. ProxyScrape

When it comes to Proxy Lists, ProxyScrape is a well-known name that has been around for quite some time and has earned a solid reputation among users. A stable number of free proxy servers between 2000 and 3000 is maintained.

Among ProxyScrape’s many strengths is the regularity with which it verifies the service is still online. ProxyScrape’s Proxy List is updated nearly every minute, however most free Proxy List sites only update once every hour.

If you’re ready to shell out some cash, ProxyScrape also provides premium services. For about $6.5 a month, you can obtain unlimited bandwidth on a dedicated Proxy (that no one else can use).

If you need to use a lot of data or if you’re constantly being blocked, this could be a suitable option for you. The free service is always available, however if you need a higher-performing Proxy, you may want to consider making a payment.

4. CyberGhost

It’s not necessary to create an account to use CyberGhost’s proxy add-on. Current versions of the proxy plugin for Chrome and Firefox grant access to eight servers located in four different countries (Germany, Romania, Netherlands, and the US). With a single touch of the Power button, CyberGhost established a secure connection to its network.

I was able to change my IP address to one at a server in a country of my choosing in a matter of seconds. Particularly impressive was the fact that I was able to stream videos from Netflix with without interruptions or buffering. After using the CyberGhost proxy plugin, I was able to pass multiple DNS leak tests without any leaking of my IP address.

5. Zen

For browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera, ZenMate offers a free proxy service as an add-on. Four servers can be found in the United States, Germany, Romania, and Singapore.

Even if AES 128-bit encryption isn’t as robust as the AES 256-bit encryption provided by ZenMate’s VPN service, it still provides a high level of protection and is far faster than the alternative.

You may further protect your anonymity on the internet by using the extension’s WebRTC Protect and Malware/Tracking Blocker capabilities. For data-intensive tasks like downloading or streaming, ZenMate is not the ideal option due to its maximum speed limit of 2 MB/s. Users of ZenMate VPN, whose servers are optimized for streaming and torrenting, have access to unlimited bandwidth.


It’s tempting to use a free proxy site to bypass a firewall, but it’s difficult to know which one is trustworthy and reliable. I’ve tried over twenty different free proxies and ranked the best ones to save you some time.

And while I understand the need for free proxies to generate revenue, I was troubled to see that even the finest free proxy sites log your actions and sell it to marketers. It’s likely that you’ll be surreptitiously monitored if you use a free proxy for sensitive activities like torrenting, banking, or viewing adult content.

A virtual private network (VPN) can help you remain hidden and secure online. When it comes to anonymity, speed, and security, a paid service like ExpressVPN is unrivaled by any free proxy. If you aren’t happy with ExpressVPN after 30 days, you may request a refund with no questions asked.