First Alert SCO5CN Battery Operated Combination Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Alarm

Since introducing the first domestic smoke alarm in 1958, First Alert has been the most reliable name in home safety (Based on a First Alert Brand Trust Survey in February 2018) Use this battery-operated smoke and carbon monoxide detector to protect your loved ones; With battery-operated CO alarms, you can keep tabs on the gas even if the power goes out.

First Alert SCO5CN Battery Operated Combination Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Alarm

Includes both a photoelectric sensor for detecting smoke and flames and an electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor. An 85 decibel siren sounds a clear, loud warning upon detection, and indicator lights on the front of the unit show whether or not smoke or carbon monoxide is present.

The battery-powered device requires no electrician for installation and can be set up in minutes. Silences the low battery warning for up to 8 hours. The alarm is easy to use, with just a test/silence button, and the EZ access battery drawer means that batteries can be swapped out without having to take the device down from the ceiling.

Safety should be everyone’s priority, whether it’s at home or in the workplace. That’s where gadgets like the First Alert SCO5CN come into play. This nifty device is not just a smoke detector; it’s also a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm, providing double protection for you and your family.

This SEO-optimized article aims to explain everything you need to know about the SCO5CN from First Alert: how to use it, battery requirements, lifespan, and more.

What is SCO5CN?

The First Alert SCO5CN is a combination alarm that detects both smoke and carbon monoxide. Engineered to offer dual protection, this alarm is equipped with an electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor and a photoelectric smoke sensor.

Its intelligent design ensures accurate detection and immediate alerts, making it a crucial addition to any household or workspace.

How To Use SCO5CN


The installation of the SCO5CN is relatively simple and straightforward. You can mount it on a wall or place it on a flat surface. It comes with easy-to-follow instructions for both hardware installation and setup.


Once installed, the SCO5CN automatically begins monitoring your environment for smoke and carbon monoxide. In case it detects any threats, it will alert you with an 85-decibel siren, loud enough to wake you up even from deep sleep.


The SCO5CN comes with a test/silence button that allows you to both test the device’s functionality and silence false alarms.

Does First Alert Carbon Monoxide Detector Need Batteries?

Yes, the First Alert SCO5CN operates on batteries. It features battery backup for continuous monitoring, even in the event of a power outage.

What Type of Battery Does a First Alert Carbon Monoxide Alarm Use?

The SCO5CN typically uses AA batteries. Always consult your device’s user manual for specific battery recommendations and replacement guidelines.

How Long Do Batteries Last in First Alert Smoke Detector?

The lifespan of batteries in the First Alert SCO5CN depends on the type of batteries used. High-quality alkaline batteries can last for up to a year. However, it is recommended to test the device regularly and replace the batteries at least once a year or as soon as the low-battery warning sounds.

How Long Does a First Alert Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Last?

The First Alert SCO5CN has a lifespan of approximately five to seven years from the date of installation. After this period, the device’s sensors may become less effective, and it’s recommended to replace the unit.

Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

First Alert Smoke/CO Detector First Alert Smoldering flames can be detected quite effectively by combined smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. This alarm is able to distinguish between smoke that poses no danger and that which could cause death thanks to recent technological advances.

Having Photoelectric Smoke Sensing Technology in the wild will significantly cut down on the number of false alarms caused by things like cooking smoke and steam from the shower. The alarm’s Mute Button can be used for both checking its functionality and immediately turning off the alarm.

It Utilizes an Electrochemical Sensor

Smoke and CO alarms that work together use an Electrochemical Sensor to detect carbon monoxide as effectively and efficiently as possible. As an added convenience, this alarm features an easy-access battery door that eliminates the need to retrieve the device from the ceiling in order to swap out its power source.

The unit’s 85db sound output and End of Life Timer provide comfort, and the presence of Dual Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Sensing almost ensures your safety. This alarm is UL217 and UL2034 compliant and comes with a 7-year limited warranty.

Does First Alert Detect Carbon Monoxide?

Yes, the First Alert SCO5CN is designed to detect both smoke and carbon monoxide effectively. Its electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor is specifically crafted to accurately identify CO levels.

What Type of Smoke Alarm is Best?

There are primarily two types of smoke alarms: ionization and photoelectric. Ionization alarms are generally better at detecting fast, flaming fires, while photoelectric alarms are more effective at detecting slow, smoldering fires. The SCO5CN uses a photoelectric sensor, making it ideal for detecting smoldering fires.


It’s Time for the First Warning Using its dual permanent sensors, the SCO5CN Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm can detect both smoke and carbon monoxide. The battery-powered carbon monoxide and smoke detector requires no wiring or professional installation.

Smoke from smouldering fires can be detected using a photoelectric sensor while false alarms from other sources, such as cooking smoke or steam, are kept to a minimum.

Carbon monoxide leaks can be caused by a number of different things, including broken fuel-burning appliances, blocked chimneys, and generators operating indoors or at too high of a volume.

The First Alert SCO5CN provides dual protection against smoke and carbon monoxide, making it an essential safety device for any home or office. With easy installation, battery operation, and a lifespan of up to seven years, it offers a reliable safety net for you and your loved ones.

Understanding the various aspects of this combination alarm can help you make an informed decision when it comes to ensuring your safety. From its battery requirements to its sensor capabilities, the First Alert SCO5CN stands as a robust solution for dual detection. Stay safe!