Who was Eric Rohan Justin

Our breath was taken away; it was like something out of a criminal drama. However, this is exactly what happened recently to Ava Majury, a popular TikTok celebrity, when a stalker (yes, that Eric Rohan Justin) almost shot her. Ava Majury has amassed over 1.2 million TikTok fans. So far, 57 million people have liked her videos. After the global pandemic, Ava joined the platform at the age of 13.

Dance videos, rather than lip-sync or TikTok challenges, are what really made her famous online. There are 311k people that follow her on Instagram, and she also has a YouTube channel. The news video, headlined “TikTok star Ava Majury Discovers the Dark Side of Fame,” which details her terrifying ordeal and went viral on Thursday.

Eric Rohan Justin

This is where it all began.

Not shortly after she signed up for TikTok in the first quarter of 2020, a person named “EricJustin111” started leaving comments on her videos and messaging her. Although she initially ignored him, once he had her phone number he began pursuing her.

One of Her Friends Sold her Personal Details.

She found out that her New Jersey and Florida acquaintances had shared her private information with third parties. They even sold him offline images of her. How much he forked over to acquire her number is unclear. Ava Majury, however, upon learning of this, decided to sell her photographs independently rather than alert cyber security or the police.

“After discussing the matter with both of my parents, I decided it would be fair to approach him myself. In other words, I told them, “Hey, can you stop going through my friends and stop contacting people for information about me just come straight to me and you can purchase it all from me.”

Ava made a $300 sale to him of two selfies, and he paid her with Venmo. Ava explained her behaviour by saying the photos were harmless because they simply showed her smiling, exactly as on her TikTok account.

But then his demands started getting sinister. When he began pressing her for more sexually explicit material, Ava’s father Robert contacted him to tell him that his daughter was still a child and to end all communication immediately. Eric became enraged after she blocked him and began making threats against her friends. He kept on giving her cash, first $159.18, then $100, and finally $368.50.

Eric, the Stalker, Showed up at Ava’s House and Smashed Through the Front Door.

After the New York Times identified him as Eric Rohan Justin, he was no longer able to contact Ava. He went psychotic in his pursuit of her and ended up planning to kill her. From Ellicott City to Naples, 18-year-old Eric Rohan Justin brought a gun in July 2021.

At 4:30 in the morning, he loudly opened the entrance to the house. Ava, her mum, and her two brothers all scampered into an adjacent bedroom. Eric had a shotgun in his hand and several extra shells in his vest.

According to her interview responses, all she could recall was hearing the explosion, feeling it in her chest, and looking up to see a hole in her door from the debris.Rob, her father and a former police officer in Jersey City, drew his revolver and killed Justin in the driveway.

“When that sound went off, we knew what it was, boom,” Ava’s mom Kimberly recalled. I was sure my kid had passed away. For several minutes he did nothing but stand and stare at us. For a split-second, I imagine he mistook me for my daughter standing in the doorway. The hospital where the stalker-turned-teenager died.

The Killing Is Justified in Ava’s Father’s Eyes

The statute known as “stand your ground” in Florida excuses the use of deadly force in self-defense, and therefore according to Ava’s father, he cannot be prosecuted for killing Eric. There was no time to doubt myself or reconsider what I was doing.

As a result, I made a move. I did the best I could under the circumstances,” he admitted. An enraged Rob stated, “Someone came to kill me,” during the interview. I did what I had to in order to keep my loved ones safe. Ava’s family disregarded the warnings of her schoolmate that Eric intended to harm her, but Ava’s friend spoke up.

Report from the Police

At the time, police were calling it a home invasion. Nobody was specifically named in the report. ‘The subject was most likely a stalker that stemmed from her daughter’s substantial social media activity,’ the police report states.

The police claim that Eric possessed two phones containing hundreds of images and hours of footage of Ava. The means by which he obtained her address remain mysterious. While she didn’t go into detail, she did say that in December, she was being followed by a boy at her school who was texting with Eric Justin.

Since this happened, Ava and her family have relocated, and she is now homeschooled. However, her father’s attorney, James Scarmozzino, took preventative measures by petitioning the court for a protection against stalking decree. The date of the hearing is February 28.

His software engineer father, Justin Dominic, who split from his mother in 2015, verified his identification. The kid was really sweet. I don’t know what to say. I can’t put my finger on what went wrong with him. He said that “he made a bad decision.”

Her Loved Ones Encouraged her to Keep Using Tiktok.

Despite this nightmare, Ava is still keen on continuing her work on the platform, where she can make upwards of $1,700 for a single video. “I have three TikTok accounts, so if one sponsor were to come to me and be like, ‘Oh, I’ll do $1,000 for one video on your main account,’ and I would be like, “Oh great, I have two other accounts that are various types of individuals on there.”

Since I decided to open three accounts in my name rather than relying on just one, I am able to make $1,700 using only my name. Her mum spoke up for her in the interview, stating, “Why should we allow them to stop her?” Perhaps she is here to raise people’s consciousness about this. In her most recent Instagram post, Ava detailed her horrific experience.