How to Access Epic Games Settings

Hundreds of well-known games, including several that are platform-specific, are available for play via the Epic Games Launcher. It’s no secret that the Epic Games Launcher is a popular app that has been downloaded millions of times.

The Epic Game Launcher checks for and installs its own updates automatically; manual checking for and installation of updates is not possible. However, by restarting the application, you can indirectly compel the launcher to update itself.

Epic Games Settings


How to Update the Epic Games Launcher

When an update is available, the Epic Games Launcher will notify you automatically. It is recommended that you wait for the Launcher to update automatically whenever possible. However, if you need to force an update check in the Epic Games Launcher:

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Step 1: First, make room in your taskbar or Dock at the bottom of your screen for the Epic Games Launcher icon.

Step 2: On a Mac, right-click the icon and choose “Quit.” If you’re using a PC, you can close the Epic Games Launcher by right-clicking its icon in the taskbar and selecting “Exit.”

Step 3: Reopen the Launcher after closing it completely.

Step 4: The Epic Games Launcher automatically checks for updates whenever it is opened. It will notify you if one is available.

Epic Games Settings Heroic

Heroic will be our first stop because I found it to be the easiest to get up and begin utilizing right away. Pressing the Steam Deck’s power button brings up a menu; choose “Switch to Desktop” to begin. You may access Discover from the trackpad or the mouse by clicking the small shopping bag symbol in the lower left corner of the taskbar.

You can click by using the trackpad or by squeezing the right trigger. If you type “Heroic” into Discover’s search field, the appropriate app will appear near the top of the list. Just hit the Install button and wait a few moments.

Once you’ve loaded Heroic, you have the option of launching it straight away or creating a shortcut that will display on the Steam Deck’s game mode, negating the need to switch to desktop mode every time.

Simply locate the icon for the Heroic Games Launcher and press and hold the left trackpad button to activate it. A shortcut to Steam should be an option. Heroic can be accessed via the desktop icon or, failing that, the Games submenu of the Linux launcher. Check the Steam library’s Non-Steam games page for your new shortcut to the Steam Deck’s gaming mode.

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While it’s true that Steam has the largest selection of PC games, staying locked into Valve’s ecosystem would be foolish when there are so many titles available for free or at discounted prices on the Epic Games Store and other marketplaces.

In 2021, for example, Epic titles Store handed away 89 free titles, while GOG’s free collection keeps growing. The additional sales you could be making with EGS and GOG on your Steam Deck are substantial.