How To Download Twitch VOD Videos

VOD (Video on Demand) is a file of content recently streamed live on Twitch. Using VODs can assist with developing your channel and permit your Community to watch content they might have missed in any case.


Twitch watchers regularly prefer to download recordings of their cherished Streamers and either store them locally or transfer them to another social media like YouTube. This article discloses how to save these recordings on request (VODs) to your PC.

How To Download Your Twitch Broadcasts

Twitch said through their Twitter handle that if you want to download or watch the streams later you can do that by enabling the Vod storage in the twitch settings. After that, they will be stored in the “Past Broadcasts” section for 14 or 60 days according to your premium plan.

But Remember you can do this only if you are a prime member. So what about the people who don’t have the plan, well we are going to cover exactly that in this article.

Activate The Auto-Archiving Feature

With a simple switch, you can tell Twitch to store your broadcasts automatically. These are the simple steps for activating the Auto-Archiving feature.

In the top-right corner from the drop-down menu, select Settings on the Twitch website. Go to Twitch channel and video settings Turn on the option to save previous broadcasts. The “Previous Broadcasts” switch is turned on.

Download Your Videos

You’ll be able to download broadcasts once you’ve finished streaming if you have enabled the archiving feature. Under your profile, there is an option named video producer, select that. Next to a Twitch video, there’s a More menu, select that. Click Download to save the video on your computer.

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How To Download Someone Else’s Twitch Videos

Twitch Leecher is free software that can help you to download Twitch videos. Because it is a third-party app, Twitch does not promote or sponsor it. It has a great UI and a simple design to make it more user-friendly. You can download the twitch videos from any channel Twitch. It also gets regular updates so you won’t miss any big updates of twitch, You can also reach out to the developers for any kind of help.

Here’s how to set up Twitch Leecher and download Twitch VODs using it. You won’t be able to download Sub-Only videos using this method.

Step 1: Go to its official website page on GitHub to download the latest version application. After downloading you can save the application on your computer and run it afterward.

Step 2: Open the application after the installation. On upright corner there is a search menu, select that. Choose your favorite videos after searching from any channel on twitch

Step 3: Right-click the video you wish to download and select “Save Target As.” Select Copy Link Address.It can be worded differently depending on the version of your browser or the computer system that you are using.

Step 4: Select the Urls tab again on your application. Select Search after pasting the video URL into the white area. The video you picked should pop up from Twitch now. On the down-right side, click the Download button.

Step 5: Choose the video size, resolution, and location on your computer after clicking download. You can name it whatever you want and save it wherever you want and also choose where should it stop or begin.

Step 6: Select Download once you’ve configured all of your choices. Your video will be shown on the location where you’ve saved it on your computer.


This is how you will be able to download your favorite twitch streams and videos without having to buy the premium. Keep one thing in mind that it is not supported by Twitch. so, if you want to support twitch you should buy their premium.