7 Creative Tools for Project-Based Learning

When people hear about project-based learning, it often frightens them off as they think about compatibility issues or not knowing the tools that may come necessary. For example, if you have been using Slack for cooperation as some option offered by your boss or college advisor, you already know the basics.

It always depends on what project you must face or the requirements that have been set by your colleagues or technical limitations. The trick is to explore and choose what tools will work best for you by taking time to test the pros and cons of each platform.

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7 Creative Tools For Project-Based Learning

1. Socrative

It is a great cloud-based system that works with certain projects where cooperation is important. Even though it is mostly aimed at college students, it can be used anywhere where the input of each company’s department is important.

The reason why it is used for learning is the way how it can store assignments and use progressive grading. If it sounds too complex, you can always approach a professional paper writer and receive all the necessary assistance based on your needs.

2. MindMeister

One of the best free apps for planning and analysis purposes as you work with a particular project. It has an intuitive interface and uses a combination of mind-mapping and brainstorming where you can start with the already included templates. For example, if you need to work with subjects like Space Engineering or Psychology, you must provide clear examples. MindMeister tool makes it a breeze!

3. Quizlet

It is another great free tool for project-based learning. The trick with this free app is that it has thousands of templates that can be edited and adjusted to your needs. Moreover, enter relevant keywords and see presentations and projects created by other people that already have the basics to start with. Quizlet also has a friendly community that will provide you with helpful tips and ideas to consider.

4. Pixton

If you want to focus on tasks like creative storytelling or you need to inspire younger learners as they approach the Black Lives Matter social movement or want to explore environmental issues, it is one of the best solutions. You can add pictures, audio, short videos, and interesting bits like teachers’ comments or projects created by students. It will also fit for those cases when lots of reading must be done like Law projects or Nursing.

5. Animoto

This tool is excellent for those project-based learning scenarios where you want to add life to complex text content. This tool has both free and paid options that extend the length of the videos you can upload and address certain editing tools. It also has a good library to start with that will be helpful for beginners or when you are not familiar with project-oriented software.

6. Slack

Don’t ignore this adjustable platform for project-based learning! It supports audio, video, text content, private conversations, and allows great import and export options.

It’s even possible to implement Agile projects that would not be possible in any other environment. Moreover, Slack doesn’t require any installation and can easily work via web links, which makes it possible to access it anywhere. Add keywords search and internal video conferencing and you are all set!

7. Coggle

It’s another interesting project-based learning tool that focuses on clever hierarchy learning and mind-mapping. Since it’s free of charge, it’s worth trying even in those cases when you have ruled out mind mapping as an option. Nevertheless, it helps to achieve success with engineering case study examples where you need to visualize things to learn!

Always Let Students Remain In Control

Regardless of what project you may unfold, your learners will always feel lost and confused unless they belong to those students that happily embrace any challenge.

Since it does not always happen, it is crucial to let students take the lead and leave their suggestions. For this purpose, you can use Google’s famous Jamboard where students can fill in various surveys and discuss things together by leaving their suggestions without extra debates or disputes.

When you make everyone belong to what takes place, the project-based tools that you use will make sense!