Chopard Happy Diamonds: A Legendary and Stunning Timepiece

By the brand itself, this watch has two diamonds that move. The diamond is apparent, which would catch your attention. Chopard built a strong brand image by partnering with Happy Diamonds, making it one of the top brands for luxury watches.

Chopard Happy Diamonds

Most of Chopard Happy Diamonds’ design is for women, and you can fall in love with it, especially that this watch has diamonds in it. Aside from watches, Chopard is also known for its high-end jewelry since 1860. With the continued modernization, Chopard continues to be innovative to meet the continued advancement. 

Get To Know Chopard Happy Diamonds

Chopard is known as feminine because of its stylish design that every woman would love to wear. This timepiece is considered as one of the luxurious brands of a watch. The diamonds add attraction and have an elegant 18k iteration in white gold, and you can choose on the available look, either solid or clear design.

This timepiece was created by a Swiss Maison named Louis-Ulysse Chopard. This simple young man could not imagine how his works turned out, from a farmer’s son to becoming one of the legendary Maison. Chopard watches have become very famous because of its style and quality since the 19th century. 

Today, Chopard Happy Diamonds invested in all their workers, especially those involved in watchmaking, to never stop training them. They make sure that all knowledge and skills are passed down to all workers and will not miss any details. No wonder Chopard remains a top brand because of its highly-skilled workers who have specializations. 

Chopard’s BloodLine

Chopard’s design can tell what each member of the family is passionate about. From generation to generation, this timepiece embodies a family spirit concerning everyone. From Precious stones, jewelry pieces, race cars are one of each timepiece or jewelry’s inspirations.

From the founder Louis-Ulysse Chopard, he quickly made its name in Switzerland at a very young age. The precision and reliability of his works are also very apparent in each timepiece he makes. One of the most famous clients was Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, one of the most famous people to appreciate and cling to his works.

Today, the Scheufele family has played an essential role in the Chopard company. The current presidents are Caroline and Karl-Friedrich. Caroline focuses more on the ladies’ collection and high-end jewelry. On the other hand, Karl-Friedrich creates sports watches for the men’s section.

Through the years, Chopard has made its name for flawless and stunning timepieces. Generally, this timepiece is designed for women for a more sophisticated and attractive aura for informal or formal activities. 

Chopard Happy Diamonds 209412-5801 

One of the most expensive timepieces of Chopard Happy Diamonds can range at 17,000$. It has a very colorful shade in lilac with gold-toned hands and case. The strap is in alligator skin and in the lilac shade to match the overall look. You can also see many colored diamonds in this timepiece that make it one reason it’s luxurious.

Chopard Happy Diamonds 209412-5801


If you want a stylish and luxurious timepiece to match a grand event you will be attending; then you need to look for this watch brand. We can even see these brands worn by celebrities. This watch is also worn in rugged events like sports car racing, also known as Grand Prix.

For whatever occasions you would like to attend, the most important thing is how you carry yourself is all that matters. Luxurious timepieces add an aura for the overall look you want to achieve, and commonly females have the most desire to achieve desired outfits to match.