Who is ‘Carole Ann Boone’

Ted Bundy, the notorious serial murderer, was able to murder more than 30 women across the United States with the help of his irresistible charisma and fake sociopathy. Not many women supported him after he was arrested.

At the time, Bundy’s sexual adventures and murderous impulses were the talk of the nation. While his trial for the murders of these ladies was ongoing, Ted Bundy married a young divorcee by the name of Carole Ann Boone. Ann Boone actually became pregnant while he was behind bars.

Carole Ann Boone

The life and crimes of Ted Bundy, one of America’s most notorious serial killers, have been the subject of countless documentaries, movies, and books. Among the many facets of his life, his relationship with Carole Ann Boone stands out due to its unique and complicated nature.

In this article, we explore Carole Ann Boone, her connection with Bundy, and other related topics that offer a comprehensive insight into this tumultuous chapter of criminal history.

Who is Carole Ann Boone

In 2021, Netflix premiered a documentary series titled “Conversations With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes” based on Bundy’s murder spree, piqueing viewers’ interest in his slayings of Carole Ann Boone. Below is an article that discusses Carole Ann Boone from every angle.

Carole Ann Boone: A Brief Overview

Carole Ann Boone met Ted Bundy while working at the Washington State Department of Emergency Services. Their friendship evolved, and they eventually got married in a peculiar courtroom proposal during Bundy’s trial in 1980.

Kids & Parents:

  • Kids: Carole Ann Boone had a child with Ted Bundy named Rose Bundy, born in 1981. She also had a son from a previous relationship.
  • Parents: Details about Carole Ann Boone’s parents are not widely documented.

What Happened to Carole Ann Boone?

After Bundy’s confessions and subsequent death sentence, Boone divorced him in 1986. She and her daughter, Rose, have since led private lives away from public scrutiny. Their current whereabouts and life details are closely guarded.

Everything You Need to Know About Carole Ann Boone

There aren’t many women like Carole Ann Boone. She fell in love with the monstrous serial killer Ted Bundy, who was serving a death sentence at the time, and she bore his child. In 1974, after Boone’s second marriage ended in divorce, she began her first romantic experience with Bundy.

She was working for the Washington State Department of Emergency Services in Olympia when she met him.  Bundy was assisting the police in their quest for the many women he had murdered.

Boone met serial killer Ted Bundy during the time of her second divorce, and the authors of The Only Living Witness, Stephen G. Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth, describe her as “a lusty-tempered free spirit” in their book of the same name.

The agency was small, so I believe I was closer to him than other individuals there,” Boone recalled. Right away, Ted had my favour. We had a great chemistry. According to her, “He struck me as a rather shy person with a lot more going on under the surface than what was on the surface.”

Bundy’s history of horrific crimes, including kidnapping, raping, and murdering young women, was news to her. His ex-girlfriend, Elizabeth Kloepfer, had suspicions about him when they were together but didn’t have the guts to report it.

Persona Ted Bundy

People’s feelings of sympathy for a serial killer like Ted Bundy may seem strange at first glance, but it’s vital to remember his sociopathic appeal. Bundy allegedly kept the women he didn’t kill at arm’s length so he could satisfy his blood craving at night and flirt with coworkers during the day.

He was essentially a father figure to Elizabeth Kloepfer’s daughter during their seven-year relationship. Women used to sense an air of profundity and significance around him. He was more stately and reserved than the more certifiable types about the office,” Boone said.

He planned on joining in on the gaggle in the parkway. Don’t forget, though; he was a Republican. Bundy opposed the hippie and anti-Vietnam movements of the era and came out as more socially conservative than his peers. Perhaps it was because of this persona that Boone found him attractive.

Bundy’s Arrest and Court Case

Bundy was originally apprehended by police in Utah in 1975 after they discovered a ski mask, handcuffs, and other weapons in his Volkswagen Beetle. Finally, he was found guilty of kidnapping and assaulting a 12-year-old girl.

Despite this setback, Boone and Bundy’s bond only became stronger over time. Boone would regularly drop by and they would write each other letters. At the time, she and Ted Bundy were not married, but their relationship was very tight.

After two years, Bundy was extradited to Colorado to finish out his 15-year term. With the help of Boone’s contraband funds, Bundy even attempted an escape. After that, he went to Florida where he committed two murders.

He killed Margaret Bowman and Lisa Levy, both members of the sorority Chi Omega. He also abducted, assaulted, and murdered Kimberly Leach, who was only 12 years old. Boone moved to Florida so that he could be a part of the trial in which Bundy was representing himself.

Carole Ann Boone and Ted Bundy’s Relationship

Boone’s allegiance to Ted was undying. “Let me put it this way, I don’t think that Ted belongs in jail,” Boone said in an interview. I’m not more worried about what’s going on in Florida than I am about what’s happening out west.

Additionally, she stated, “I don’t think they have reason to charge Ted Bundy with murder in either Leon County or Columbia County.” Her conviction was so strong that she decided to move to Gainesville, which is just around 40 miles from the prison.

She and Ted’s son Jayme used to hang together at his place once a week. A “more serious, romantic thing” between Bundy and Boone developed over the past few years, as he testified about in court.

Authors Michaud and Aynesworth described the couple as “crazy together” in their book. In Carole’s eyes, he was perfect. They had sex in jail, where she expressed her desire to have a kid. Intercourse was possible occasionally behind the water cooler, in the lavatory or even at the table, and touching was encouraged.

Boone explained that one of the guards was so polite that he ignored their activities, despite the fact that legally this was against the rules inside the prison. After the first day, they just didn’t care,” Carole Ann Boone is heard stating in the Netflix series. They’ve caught us off guard a few times.

In her book about Bundy, The Stranger Beside Me, former Seattle police officer and author Ann Rule describes how common it was for visitors to bribe security officers in order to obtain some one-on-one time with the inmates. Some media have even suggested that Boone smuggled drugs into the prison by concealing them in her skirt.

In Court, Bundy Pops the Question to Boone About Marriage

Bundy was set to be convicted of murdering Kimberly Leach, while already having a death sentence for the other killings. Indeed, Bundy was found guilty and sentenced to death once again.

During his murder trial, Bundy asked Carole Ann to marry him. And she did consent to this. Bundy formally joined the couple together by saying, “I do hereby marry you.”

Ted Bundy & His Complex Relationships:

Did Ted Bundy’s Wife Tell on Him?

No, Carole Ann Boone did not turn Ted Bundy in. However, Bundy’s long-term girlfriend, Elizabeth Kloepfer, did contact the police with suspicions about him, ultimately playing a role in his initial identification as a suspect.

Did Ted Bundy Know His Daughter?

Yes, Ted Bundy did have some interactions with his daughter, Rose, during his time on death row. However, the exact nature and depth of their relationship remain private.

Why Did Ted Bundy’s Eyes Change?

Many people have commented on Bundy’s eyes seemingly changing from blue to black when he became angry or intense. This observation has been attributed to his pupils dilating, a physiological reaction that can occur with strong emotions.

What Did Ted Bundy’s Mom Do to Him?

Louise Bundy, Ted’s mother, had him when she was young and unwed. Initially, Bundy was brought up believing his grandparents were his parents and Louise was his sister. This tangled family dynamic has been speculated to contribute to his complex psychological profile.

Did Ted Really Love Liz?

Ted Bundy had a long-term relationship with Elizabeth Kloepfer. While it’s hard to define what “love” meant for Bundy, given his sociopathic tendencies, he did maintain this relationship for years, indicating a certain level of attachment.

Bundy’s Dark Legacy:

How Many Died?

Ted Bundy confessed to 30 homicides, but the real number might be higher. The true extent of his crimes may never be fully known.

How Was Ted Bundy Caught?

Ted Bundy was first arrested in 1975 for a failed kidnapping attempt. Later, evidence linked him to several murders. He managed to escape custody twice but was finally recaptured in 1978 after a crime spree in Florida. He was eventually tried, convicted, and sentenced to death.

Where is Carole Ann Boone Now?

Bundy was electrocuted in the Raiford electric chair on January 24th, 1989. Boone broke up with Ted Bundy three years before he was put to death. Apparently, she never saw him again after that. Very little is known about Carole Ann Boone’s whereabouts and fate beyond that point.

She presumably took her daughters, Jayme and Rose, and moved to a new city at that time. Formerly, she avoided the spotlight and the media at all costs. Several sources claim that Carole Ann Boone passed away in 2018 at a retirement community in the state of Washington.


The saga of Ted Bundy, entwined with the lives of Carole Ann Boone and others, offers a disturbing glimpse into the psyche of a serial killer.

While much focus has been on Bundy’s crimes, it’s essential to remember and respect the privacy of those who were inadvertently caught in his web, like Boone and her daughter, and understand the broader societal implications of such heinous acts.