Brandi Passante Net Worth 2021

American storage hunter and reality TV star Brandi Passante has a $2 million fortune. Brandi Passante, who was born on May 16, 1980, in Harris County, Texas, and became famous on the A&E reality TV show “Storage Wars” with her long-term lover, Jarrod Schulz.

Together, Passante and Schulz have been seen in almost 260 episodes of “Storage Wars.” They called Brandi and Jarrod “The Young Guns” on the show. Since the pilot, she has consistently featured prominently in each season as a primary cast member.

After season 13, Jarrod’s performance dipped. Their 2014 A&E special and spin-off series, “Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the Job,” featured them as well. A lawsuit brought by her former co-star Dave Hester in December 2012 disclosed the actual pay of the actors, as we discuss later in the story.

Brandi Passante Net Worth 2021

The lawsuit also disclosed some salacious allegations, such as the producers of the show paying for Brandi to get a breast enlargement and the “treasures” being artificially placed by the producers.


Battles About Storage Space

As his aunt had suggested, Jarrod and Brandi launched a storage auction business in Orange County, California, called Now and Then Second Hand Store. Though “Storage Wars” initially only sought Schulz, after visiting the business and meeting Passante, they felt she was essential to the show as well.

Brandi and Jarrod were seen to have the fewest financial resources at the beginning of the series, but Passante made up for this with her scrappiness and eventually pleased viewers with her no-nonsense approach to bidding.

As Brandi puts it, “I have to turn around my scores quickly because they pay for the next auction,” and this awareness motivates her “take no prisoners” approach. She has admitted that she will not be able to re-enter the bidding process unless she sells the stuff she already holds.

As the show gained popularity, Passante and Schulz were able to strengthen their positions. During the fourth season of “Storage Wars” (which aired in 2013), Brandi and Jarrod created a second Now and Then location in Long Beach, California, although the store eventually shut down the following year in 2014. In 2016, Passante and Schulz shut down their first Orange County store.

Lifestyle Issues:

Brandi and Jarrod first met in 1999, when Schulz hired her to work for the carpet cleaning company he owned. Both Cameron (born in 2003) and Payton (born in 2005) are the children of this unmarried couple.

Peyton had to have multiple surgeries as a child because she was born deaf and with a cleft palate. Passante said in an interview for June 2020 that she and Schulz had broken up “two years ago.” She also mentioned her recent diagnosis with COVID, terrible migraines, and the loss of her sense of taste throughout the conversation.

For allegedly showing Passante in a nude film, Brandi successfully sued pornographic website owner Hunter Moore in early 2013. She had asked for $2.5 million in compensation but was awarded only $750. The website was taken down when the video of the Brandi lookalike was taken down.

A charity event hosted by Passante this year benefited Women’s Own Worth, which “empowers women and their families to regain their self-worth by enabling them to sustain an independent life after suffering the effects of trauma.” One hundred thousand dollars were donated at the event.