All You Need to Know Apple Watch Series 8

The Series 8 Apple Watch is a minor upgrade that adds a temperature sensor, Crash Detection, and a faster processor.

The built-in temperature sensor can be used to send ovulation alerts in the morning. This improved watch retains all of its predecessor’s health tracking, activity monitoring, and app functionality.

All You Need To Know About The Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Watch Series 8


Apple Watch Series 8 Features

Apple Watch Series 8 doesn’t significantly improve over its predecessor. Most people probably won’t use the newest features anyway. When it comes to new sensors, Crash Detection and ovulation notifications take precedence.

The majority of the enhancements Apple highlighted at the unveiling of the new Apple Watch are standard to watchOS and not exclusive to the upgraded device.


Apple’s alternatives remain at 45mm and 41mm. Both have bright, always-on Retina screens protected by scratch-resistant sapphire glass or Ion-X glass, depending on the model. The screen gently curves out to the edge.

Display glass is slightly thicker and strengthened in the centre to make it more durable against shattering. The display on the Apple Watch Series 8 and the display on the Apple Watch Series 7 are identical.

Both of them feature the somewhat larger screens that will become standard in 2021. In order to save battery life, the always-on display is disabled in low-power mode.


When it comes to health, Apple considers the Apple Watch a must-have accessory. Stories of people whose lives were saved because they were wearing an Apple Watch during a medical emergency are routinely featured.

The Apple Watch is equipped with a variety of sensors and algorithms to monitor a user’s vital signs and alert them to any concerning patterns. It’s not a medical tool, but it can alert users to potential health problems.

Internal Body Cooling:

The two temperature sensors in the Apple Watch Series 8 operate together to track patterns in the wearer’s core body temperature. The lower sensor is for taking one’s body temperature, while the upper one takes readings from the surrounding air.

When it comes to monitoring your sleep, the temperature sensor really shines. It can detect if the room is too warm for sleep and send a warning to the user if the temperature rises during the night.

The temperature sensor’s principal function is to monitor cycles and notify users of ovulation. An individual’s ovulation status can be retroactively determined by the Apple Watch by monitoring basal body temperature over time.

Safety Detection:

Crash Detection has had a number of updated and additional sensors added. The Apple Watch Series 8 will contact emergency services and notify the user’s emergency contacts in the event of a serious car accident.

The new accelerometer has the capability to detect forces up to 256g, which would be indicative of a significant collision. Four times as much data on motion is being gathered as before, or around 3,000 times per second.

All types of collisions, including frontal, lateral, rear-end, and rollover, can be identified. In order to detect if a collision has happened, a sophisticated algorithm takes readings from the barometer, GPS, microphone, and accelerometer.

Apple claims that Crash Detection has its limitations and that determining what constitutes a crash is not an exact science. Many people have experienced Crash Detection false alerts while riding roller coasters or when skiing.

Users can avoid the issue by disabling Crash Detection before engaging in resource-intensive tasks that could set off the function. However, they will need to remember to enable the setting again afterward. If you don’t want to risk a fake crash alert, you might want to keep a close eye on your watch.


In terms of health and fitness, heart rate is the most important factor. The Apple Watch’s infrared sensor on the back takes readings of your heart rate continuously and stores them in the Health app.

Electrocardiograms can also be taken manually by connecting the Digital Crown to a heart rate sensor. Users can use this metric to decide if they need medical attention due to abnormal cardiac rhythms.

A blood oxygen sensor is integrated into the overall system of sensors. Light-emitting diodes and photodiodes monitor oxygen levels and sound an alarm if they drop too low for a certain altitude. Lung problems and other illnesses can be better diagnosed with this information.

The new power-saving mode does away with continuous heart-rate tracking in the background. This also precludes any notifications for low oxygen levels or abnormal heart rates.


When activated, the Apple Watch may keep track of the decibel levels around the user and send a warning if they approach unsafe levels. Users can also access a complication to get an instantaneous readout of the decibel level.

When Apple Watch realises its wearer is washing their hands, it sets a timer for twenty seconds. This function was implemented during the epidemic to promote better lifestyle choices.


It appears that the new sensors have had no effect on how workouts are recorded. All current Apple Watch devices can be updated to watchOS 9, which adds the ability to tailor workouts to individual needs.

If an activity is recognised as a workout by the Apple Watch, it will begin recording data about the activity immediately. The device alerts the user that it has recognised the start of a workout and suggests activating workout mode.

The Apple Watch is no longer necessary for use with Apple Fitness+. Apple Watch owners may see vital statistics, such as heart rate, right on their wrist.

Charger, Network, and Processor

The S8 SiP has the same central processing unit (CPU) as prior Apple Watch chips. A new SiP was required because it controls the Collision Detection and movement sensors. In order to enhance connectivity, Bluetooth was updated to version 5.3.

Both the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, as well as the AirPods Pro 2, support Bluetooth 5.3. In watchOS 9, cellular Apple Watches can use international roaming. Any Apple Watch Series 5 or later is suitable for this.

The newest Apple Watch isn’t the end of fast charging, though. The package includes a charger of a newer type, which is required for use.

Materials and Colors

Apple’s latest Watch, Series 8, is available in two metal options: aluminium and stainless steel. As the Apple Watch Ultra already employs titanium, it was decided to omit the titanium model from this lineup.

Models of aluminium come in black, silver, (PRODUCT)RED, and starlight. There are silver, gold, and graphite versions of the stainless steel models.

Pricing And Availability

The starting pricing for the Apple Watch Series 8 is $399, the same as the Apple Watch Series 7. Shipping started on September 16th, 2022.