10 Best Antivirus Software for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

In these modern days having secure antivirus, security service is most important as there is an increasing number of cyber threats that target businesses and consumers. To select the best antivirus software is a great challenge to businesses or consumers.

Top 10 Antivirus Software for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android in 2021

The users don’t panic; here the solution provided by the WinErrorFixer is to help to choose the Best Antivirus Software for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. We also keep you updated with the latest release on our website and stay updated.

1. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

The Bitdefender antivirus stands at first in the best antivirus in 2021, with over 500 million users. It compares test results in labs like AV tests and comparatives; its products score high ratings.

This antivirus installation is a simple process. Also, users stay aware of online accounts. It also has some faults as it only protects 3 devices without an additional license and this program is only for Windows 10 devices. Where this resource is intensive when running, that they drop down in an old and less robust system.

The annual subscription includes automatic upgrades for $34.99. This will keep the antivirus updated for the latest malware.

Well rounded in everyday protection

Operating System: Windows.

Maximum Device Covered: 3 devices.

2. Norton Antivirus Plus

It is the latest entry-level antivirus program for its company. This has more popularity over a decade. Thus, this provides a decent value on subscriptions. It also provides a few customization options to control and provides a URL blocker that can protect from the malware by blocking the website from visiting by the users.

It has its own Norton identity safe to save the user’s password and to retrieve them. But some users have reported this chrome extension issue that they stop working randomly. Thus, this issue prevents Norton to take the top position in our ranking.

Operating System: Windows.

Maximum Device Covered: 1 device.

3. F-Secure Antivirus SAFE

F-Secure Antivirus SAFE is a strong antivirus program and includes more features to protect the user’s devices. This also includes banking protection for online shopping and other tools for family-centered. Another cool feature is that you can also track your lost Android or iOS devices on your PC. If the device is not found, then the device will automatically be locked or deleted the data in order to safeguard the data.

On AV-test’s analysis, the F-Secure has got a high score in safety. But still, something that is more sensitive on some false positives. It is easy to use and has a simple interface for its users. The annual subscription for this antivirus is $34.99 for the protection of up to 3 devices.

Operating System: Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Maximum Device Covered: 3 devices.

4. Kaspersky AntiVirus

Kaspersky antivirus is more worthy for those who need only the antivirus protection and not the full security suite. This antivirus is more affordable as the annual subscription costs about $29.99.

The features include malicious URL blocker, antivirus scanning, and threat removal/ detection, and smart monitoring technologies. They also scored high in the AV-Comparatives testing.

Operating System: Windows.

Maximum Device Covered: 5 devices.

5. Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security

This antivirus is a more popular and strong reputation for its features like antivirus protection, expertise in spam, and ransomware. Easier to use, and it scored high in most of the antivirus testing labs. It is a little over-sensitive to viruses and has a higher number of false positives.

This has a slow-running scanner and utilizes more resources, that’s making it prefer less than the other. This antivirus program is free for 30 days as a free trial to their new users. Then the annual subscription costs $29.95 for a single device.

Operating System: Windows.

Maximum Device Covered: 1 device.

6. Webroot Secure Anywhere Antivirus

A significant contesting lab does not test this antivirus for several years but now. This is for the users who use the older systems and run lighter. The annual subscription costs about $19.99 for a single device. In which they have their programs of 2MB downloads and no bulk signature updates. The great plus point is that they run faster and won’t bog even to the older system.

Where the program is small, the protection is at the top. It has the capability to protect from malware threats, ransomware, real-time anti-phishing tech, identity security and etc.

Operating System: Windows and Mac.

Maximum Device Covered: 1 device.

7. ESET NOD32 Antivirus

It is a useful antivirus that includes features like real-time malware protection, excellent heuristic detection, anti-ransomware protection, URL blockers and etc. They have modules to prevent attacks from PowerShell, malicious scripts, a scanner for USB flash drives, UEFI scanner to protect the user’s device.

This does not have extra feature like a password manager, software firewalls, file shredder, and vulnerability scanner to their user.

Operating System: Windows only.

Maximum Device Covered: 5 devices.

8. G-Data Antivirus

It is one of the more popular antivirus software in European markets in the 1980s, and now it has also been launched in the US. It got a high score from the testing labs for its virus tests and malicious URL blocker.

This antivirus software provides lots of benefits like banking protections, hourly updates, protection from phishing emails, USB flash drive inspection, and a 24/7 hotline for support to their users.

They do need large resources on the system, providing more flexibility to more powerful systems. The annual subscription costs $29.95 for a single device.

Operating System: Windows, Mac, and Android.

Maximum Device Covered: 1 device.

9. Comodo Windows Antivirus

The complicated setup of this antivirus makes better protection to the user. If this antivirus is installed once, then it protects the device inefficient manner. It has a supreme feature that totally isolates the device that’s called Auto Sandbox Technology.

The additional feature is the cloud-based scanner in this antivirus software that detects the latest malware and keeps protecting it. This antivirus software also has a Game mode feature that prevents malware from the online game. This antivirus software, an annual subscription costs $39.99 for a single device.

Operating System: Windows only.

Maximum Device Covered: 1 device.

10. Avast Pro

Avast is one of the best antivirus software, and its features are never found in another antivirus software. It has both free and paid services for its users. Sandboxing, Wi-Fi inspector, browser clean-up, the malicious extension are the special features of Avast Pro. They also provide the best support to their users.

The paid version of Avast Pro is cost more for a single device. In which they provide the best antivirus solutions to their users. The annual subscription costs over $49.99 for a single device.

Operating System: Windows only.

Maximum Device Covered: 1 device.

Summing Up

Thus, the above list provides you with the best antivirus software, and they have useful features to safeguard the user’s devices. In case you want to learn more about the best antivirus software providers for Windows, click here. We think that you may get some ideas regarding the best antivirus software for your device from the above list. Thus, choose the best antivirus software to protect your device from malware and other threats.