Alibaba Launches New Server Chip

Chinese is excellent e-commerce which has the giant Alibaba. They have now gone ahead and launched a new server chip on Tuesday. It is as it looks to boost to be in the matter of its cloud computing business. They are going to have to compete against some of the best rivals like Amazon.

The processor is a new introduction in the tech market, and it is called Yitian 710. They have already planned that the processor will go into new servers called Panjiu. The company has not yet bothered to say and give the news about when the services based on the latest chip and server will be available for customers.

Alibaba Launches New Server Chip

Alibaba will not be involved in the manufacturing of the semiconductor, but they are going to be the ones who are going to go ahead, and then they will be designed by them instead. There are things that are being done differently in terms of this one.

The chips and the servers are not going to be sold directly to the customers. There is going to be a different method that is going to be followed. Alibaba has cloud computing clients that are going to buy services based on this latest technology.

If you have been keeping track of the trend that had been of the Chinese company. This is something that has been unique to these companies. Huawei had designed its smartphone and its chips.

Baidu went with the money-raising this year, and that is for its semiconductor business too. Google and Amazon are not Chinese companies, but they have also done the same. However, Alibaba is the biggest of the companies in China.

“Customizing with our very own server chips is a very, really consistent project with our ongoing efforts that we have toward boosting our computing capabilities but that too with better performance and improved energy efficiency,” Jeff Zhang, president of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, said in a statement.

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