9 Best 2D Animation Software in 2024: Free and Paid Tools

Looking for some 2D Animation Software? Don’t worry we are providing you the list of 2D Animation Software that you should go for. It doesn’t matter that you are a beginner or pro, you’ll find the best options for each one of you.

9 Best 2D Animation Software in 2021

Here are the nine famous and best 2D Animation Software that are offered to you over the internet:

1. Harmony 20 by Toon Boom

If want to create a masterpiece then Harmony 20 software is best. It provides you a free demo of 21 days and then if you like it, you can have its monthly subscription for $109. This software is supported on Windows, Linux, and also on macOS. It offers you to have both 2D and 3D animations.

Harmony 20 is designed for persons working at a professional and intermediate level. Also, it provides you with the option to create multiplane scenes and traditional paperless animations are also available. Also, it has a unique bitmap and vector technology that allows you to create unique messages for your audience.

2. CelAction2D

If you need software with low system requirements, then this is your desired software. This software works on Windows macOS, and Linux at different prices, depending on the package you have selected. It provides you to do complex and professional 2D animations. It offers you the option of creating a palate with help of 16 billion color combinations and is easy to use and you can get easily get a grip on CelAction2D software.

Furthermore, it is for beginner and intermediate users but it also provides all the advanced features. It works with the 32 bit and 64-bit Windows machines and also works on all the latest Macs through Boot Camp. It has all the advanced features that make it an efficient tool for advanced users.

3. Moho Pro 13 – Best 2D Animation Software for Professionals

This software provides you with professional features for framing animation. This software is supported on Windows and macOS. It provides you with Flash-style animations and is available at an affordable price. This software is updated at a regular interval so as to provide a better experience and it tries to keep its user up to date with its features.

It has Anime Studio Debut which is especially for beginners to learn and perform good animations free of cost but if you want professional features you need to have a Pro version. Moreover, it provides you with freehand drawing tools, smart wrap feature for custom animations. It also provides multiple layers of animations at the same time.

4. Stop Motion Studio

If you love to perform picture editing or performing different animations for fun or you want to impress your superiors with a 2D animated presentation then you should definitely give a look at this software. This software is provided on Windows and macOS, Android, and iOS at a fixed price and is online available.

You can easily import the image that can change its focus and can also change exposure. It has a DSLR support mode which provides you to do animations at a professional level. It helps you to create different frames for your edited image. You can also add external audio to your video. It provides you with a feature to create videos with excellent quality.

5. FlipBook

It is a software which helps beginners to how to perform 2D animation. It also helps the user to improve their skills. This software is supported on Windows and macOS at different prices that depend on your choice of package. You can make powerful videos by drawing and scanning the audio track.

If you are a lover of cartoon video, this is the best software. It is freely available online and can easily be downloaded. It makes changes when you change the animation and is fast to use. While editing you can use the shift key for performing speed painting. You can also easily import images from your device or scanner.

6. Reallusion Crazy Talk Animator

If you are a professional 2D animation maker then you’ll definitely fall in love with this software. This software is supported in Windows and macOS at different prices that depend on the package taken. You can only use this software when you have some knowledge about it.

This software is not only used by professionals but also by marketers, educators, and YouTubers. Advanced users can frame their 2D visual effects. It helps you in controlling characters at the expression level that means an expression of characters can be controlled with your lip-syncing and expressions. Importing and exporting videos and photographs is possible through PhotoShop. It can be considered as your desired 2D Animation Software.

7. Synfig

Synfig is considered one of the best animation software that can be used by both beginners or professionals both. Moreover, you are not required to pay a single penny. You have 50+ layers for framing single or advanced animations. This software is totally free. This software is offered in two versions-

  • A stable version is for beginners where all tested features are offered.
  • The testing version is designed for professionals where they can use their own ways to design animation with new advanced features.

8. Toonz

Toonz is a quite unique 2D Animation Software that allows you to make outstanding animations and you are not required to do further editing. But it is outdated software that’s why professionals prefer it less. On the other hand, user experience does not matter when you are using this software. This turns out to be an advantage and it sometimes attracts a lot of users.

It can be accessed by anyone free of cost in your Windows and macOS. It can be seen as the best alternative for beginners. Also, it allows you to modify picture styles. You can also add light effects or distortion. It supports both colored and black and white scans.

9. Pencil2D

Pencil2D is also an open-source animation software that is based on traditional animations. It is offered to you free of cost. This software can work in Windows, Linux, and OSX.

If you are a beginner, then you can try this software as it is a multi-platform software, you can access it from where you want. Moreover, it offers you multi-lingual tutorials, including English, Spanish, and Portuguese that will help you to learn how this software works.

You can use Pencil2D software for commercial purposes. But it does not provide you the option of making shapes. But all over it is a good option that a beginner should go for.

Summing Up

We have provided a list of the best 2D animation software for beginners and professional animators. You can try any software at your convenience. Use your time efficiently and add something to your skills.