$138m Jack Grealish Transfer Shows it’s Business as Usual for English Premier League’s Elite

Not too long ago, six of the largest teams in the English Premier League (Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, and Tottenham) stirred controversy by agreeing to join the proposed European Super League (ESL).

The closed shop for Europe’s largest clubs was inspired in part by the desire to get a larger share of football’s massive revenue stream.

$138m Jack Grealish Transfer Shows it's Business as Usual for English Premier League's Elite

Last year’s pandemic affected clubs the same way it did any other business, with many games being played behind closed doors.

The clubs took a financial impact proportional to the size of their stadiums, meaning that the bigger the stadium, the bigger the hit.

Ahead of Friday’s season opener between newly promoted Brentford and Arsenal, the Premier League has seen bumper amounts paid for some of the best players on the planet.

Led by Manchester City’s eye-watering $138 million deal for English playmaker Jack Grealish.

City of Manchester Eyeing Massive Transfer Attempt

Maguire is merely shocked that it took so long for a club to shatter prior league records in light of City’s signing of Grealish.

The former Aston Villa captain and currently the most expensive player in Premier League history.

It’s astonishing that the Premier League has lasted this long, but according to Maguire, “all other moves that have gone above that sum have been in Spain and France.”

Also, if we discount transfers, Paul Pogba’s 2016 arrival at Manchester United was our last visit there.

After waiting five years, Manchester City finally set a new standard for largest transfer fees.

City have also revealed their interest in Tottenham striker Harry Kane, whose signing to the club may be worth more than $200 million and would shatter the transfer record held by Grealish.


According to Jack Grealish, he came “very close” to signing for Manchester United in 2020, a full year before he made his record-breaking £100 million transfer to Manchester City’s archrivals, Aston Villa.

The 26-year-old England international will play against his former club Villa for the first time since moving to the Etihad Stadium last month.

His stellar play for Villa’s first team since making his debut in May 2014 drew interest from several Premier League clubs.