How to Get Rid of “Spam Text Messages Flood Verizon Wireless Phones”

It’s unsettling to get text messages from unknown senders. But spam is more than simply an annoyance; it may potentially spread malicious software. Read on to find out how to safeguard yourself from spam SMS and other forms of electronic harassment. Next, protect yourself from spam, malware, and other online dangers with robust protection software like Avast One.

What are Spam Text Messages?

Unwanted text messages (or “spam texts”) are messages sent to mobile devices via short message service (SMS) or instant messaging apps. An auto-dialer or an unknown number are common sources of unwanted text messages. Spam texts, like other forms of spam, typically try to sell you something.

Spam Text Messages Flood Verizon Wireless Phones

In addition to the flood of spam emails we constantly get, spam often takes the shape of spoof phone calls from spam phone numbers. Most spam emails are innocuous, and it’s typically rather easy to filter them out. While most spammers aren’t trying to infect your computer with malware, some may be phishing for your personal information.

What is SMS Bombing and How to Stop It?

When multiple persons send a large number of spam text messages to the same number, this is called an SMS bombing. Because of the volume of spam messages, it can be difficult to prohibit Certan apps and websites from sending them.

SMS bombing is a form of cyberbullying that frequently begins as a joke but quickly crosses over into criminal activity. SMS bombing can be mitigated by using either a device’s built-in or an external spam blocker. To avoid receiving spam in the future and to stop SMS bombing attacks, you can join a “Do Not Text” list.

How to Block Spam Texts?

Almost all phones allow you to ban unsolicited texts by opening the appropriate messaging app, long-pressing the offending message, and selecting Report spam.

Alternatively, you can tap the menu button (three vertical dots) when the bogus message is shown and choose Block. Here’s how to prevent unwanted text messages from reaching your phone:

How to Block Spam Texts on Android

Here’s how to prevent your Android phone from receiving any more spam texts.

Step 1: Choose your preferred messaging app and look for the message you wish to obstruct. To block a communication, hold down on it and select the corresponding block icon. (You might have to go to the menu (the three dots) and then the “Block” option in some apps.)

Step 2: Mark Spam and click the OK button.

If you’re using an Android device, keep in mind that navigation may seem slightly different depending on the manufacturer. The settings menu on your Android phone should provide an option to block unwanted calls and texts.

How to Block Spam Texts on an iPhone

Step 1: There are a few different ways to stop your iPhone from receiving spam text messages, making you less vulnerable to similar attacks in the future.

Step 2: Disable the Messaging App’s Spam Function

Use these steps to prevent your iPhone from receiving any more spam texts or other unwanted messages:

To identify the sender of a spam SMS, open the message and select their name. Choose the More Info tab from the menu bar.

Step 1: A choice to block the caller must be made.

Step 2: Spam text messages on an iPhone can be automatically filtered and blocked.
Your iPhone also has built-in spam protection. Here’s how to set up an automatic spam text blocker:
To access the Messages section of your iPhone’s settings, select it.

Step 3: Click the Filter Unknown Senders button in the Message Filtering section. If you use iMessage or Messages on an iPhone, you’ll now have a dedicated folder for any messages you receive from an unidentified number.


Don’t think that the text you just got from yourself is from your future self giving you advice on which stocks to buy if you want to be a millionaire. It looks like Verizon subscribers are being affected by spam. Verizon has received numerous complaints from customers about the spam texts, and on Tuesday they issued a statement acknowledging the problem.

Verizon stated that “bad actors” were to accountable for the spam messages. The company has stated that it is actively attempting to prevent the messages and has even enlisted U.S. law enforcement to help in identifying and hopefully stopping whoever or whatever is sending out the spam SMS.