Norman Reedus Net Worth

Norman Reedus, an American actor and cum model, has reached a big career milestone. A star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood was dedicated to him.

His mother and wife, Walking Dead co-star Daina Kruger, recently visited him on set. Indeed, the occasion represented a priceless gift to his loved ones. Read on to get details on Norman Reedus’s career, personal life, and wealth.

How Much Does Norman Reedus Make?

As of the year 2022, American actor Norman Reedus of “The Walking Dead” has a $25 million net worth. Reedus reportedly earned $650,000 per episode, which is no little sum of money. Reedus is, in fact, one of the wealthy celebrities here today.

Norman Reedus Net Worth

The success of his reality show “Ride With Norman Reedus” has also boosted Norman Reedus’ wealth. People have adored Reedus ever since his breakthrough role as Daryl Dixon aired.

Many people consider Norman Reedus to be the finest, despite the fact that he is not among the top five stars. Since the “Walk of Fame” ceremony made him a household name, inquiries on Norman Reedus’ wealth have increased dramatically. We now have all the data we need.

Reedus is talented in many other areas as well, including the visual arts, sculpture, video games, and photography. His financial status has improved noticeably as a result of his involvement in those. Shows like The Walking Dead, The Boondock Saints, and Mimic are just the tip of the iceberg.

Full Name Norman Mark Reedus
Nickname Bubba
Birth date January 6, 1969
Age 53
Height 5′ 10″
Relationship Status Not married
Occupation Actor, photo model,
scriptwriter, director
Nationality American
Net Worth $25 million

Reedus, a man of many talents, is also a recognised fashion model who has been sought out by high-end designers like Prada. In addition, his artwork may be seen in a variety of museums and galleries, and he has even made cameo appearances in a few music videos.

Norman Reedus Early Life

On January 6, 1969, Norman Redus entered the world in Hollywood, Florida. He may trace his roots to the United Kingdom, Scotland, Ireland, and Italy. He attended Bethany College in Kansas for one semester when he was younger.

Reedus’s first job was at a California Harley-Davidson dealership. He was a prolific painter, sculptor, photographer, and video artist throughout his time there.

The drama “Maps for Drowners,” starring Norman Reedus, premiered on Sunset Boulevard at the Tiffany Theatre. While out on the town in Los Angeles, he got the news that he had been cast in the play.

Normal Reedu Career:

Reedus is well-known for his role as Rick Grimes on “The Walking Dead,” a renowned horror series on AMC. Other films and TV shows, such as “Red Canyon,” in which he co-starred with Giovanni Rodriguez, as well as “The Boondock Saints” and its sequels, “Mimic,” and “Charmed,” have all contributed to his lasting fame.

Norman Reedus’s “Hello, Herman” is a critically acclaimed picture. The film was eventually released in theatres around the country.  The modelling tycoon has modelled for major brands like Levi’s and Lexus as well as designers like Alessandro Dell’ Acqua and Durban and photographers like Morgenthal Frederics.

Reedus has also been a part of a movement that has urged the cosmetics industry to end its usage of animals. He has also appeared in a number of music videos, including those for Radiohead’s “Fake Plastic” and Keith Richards’ “Wicked.”

Reedus, who first gained fame as an actor, has since collaborated with Lady Gaga on her “Judas” music video and with Hilary Duff on his “Gipsy Woman.” Select pieces by Norman are on exhibit in museums and galleries in Berlin, Frankfurt, and New York.

The book was published by Reedus in 2013. Despite the upheaval, he hasn’t given up on his hobbies of gaming and photography.

Personal History of Norman Reedus:

Reedus’s long-term romance with supermodel Helena Christensen lasted from 1998 through 2003. There were rumours the two were married, but that wasn’t the case. They did, however, have a son in 1999.

They have established a productive co-parenting arrangement.  Reedus sustained a brain injury in a car accident in Germany in February 2005. The tragedy was so devastating that he had to have four screws put into his nose to repair it.

In addition, titanium was used to repair his left eye socket. Norman Reedus wed Diane Kruger in 2016, after meeting her in 2015 on the set of Sky. The two were discovered dating not long after, and in November of 2018 they had a girl, Reedus’ second kid and Kruger’s first.

Awarding Norman Reedus with a Star

Reedus was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on November 8, 2022. His family, including wife Diane, mother, and son Mingus Reedus (from his previous relationship with Helena Christensen), joined him on the big day.

George A. Romero, director of such terrifying classics as Dawn of the Dead (1978) and Night of the Living Dead (1968), was honoured with a star next to the plaque honouring Norman Reedus.

Norman wore a black suit to the occasion, complete with flared trousers. He nailed it by finishing off the outfit with a striped tie and black dress shoes. His son Mingus, who appeared to be taller than his father, was dressed similarly.

Norman Reedus Real Estate:

In the United States, Reedus reportedly owns several mansions. He bought a $3.8 million apartment in Manhattan in 2013. Two years later, he spent another $3 million buying a mansion in the Hudson Valley region of New York.

After tying the knot with Diane, Harry and Diane invested $11.75 on a West Village townhouse.  They recently purchased a $8.5 million home in Los Angeles’s Hollywood Hills.