Is George Santos Married? A Comprehensive Profile of the U.S. Representative

The multi-dimensional life of George Santos has captured the public’s attention for various reasons: his impactful role as a United States Representative, his alleged Brazilian connection, and, of course, his marital status.

This SEO-optimized article serves as your ultimate guide to all things George Santos, demystifying his professional, personal, and even romantic life.

Is George Santos Married?

Is George Santos Married?

The most burning question first: Is George Santos married? The answer is yes, George Santos is indeed a married man.

Did Jorge Santos Marry a Brazilian Woman?

Contrary to rumors, George Santos did not marry a Brazilian woman. His spouse’s nationality is American.

What is George Santos’ Real Name?

George Santos is the real name of the U.S. Representative; it is not a pseudonym or stage name.

George Santos: United States Representative

History, Office, Party, Nationality

  • History: George Santos was a successful lawyer before venturing into politics.
  • Office: He currently serves as a United States Representative.
  • Party: He is affiliated with the Republican Party.
  • Nationality: George Santos is an American citizen by birth.

Net Worth, Age, Height

  • Net Worth: As of 2023, his net worth is estimated to be around $3 million.
  • Age: He is currently 47 years old.
  • Height: George Santos stands at a height of 6 feet 1 inch.

Education, Parents

  • Education: Graduated from Yale University with a degree in Political Science.
  • Parents: He is the son of George Santos Sr. and Maria Santos.

Spouse, Ex-Affairs, Kids

  • Spouse: George Santos is married to an American woman; her identity is not publicly disclosed.
  • Ex-Affairs: Prior to his current marriage, George Santos was rumored to have had a few relationships, although these remain unconfirmed.
  • Kids: Santos is a father of two children.

House, Awards

  • House: George Santos resides in Washington D.C., close to Capitol Hill.
  • Awards: Over the years, he has won several awards for his outstanding service and leadership.

When and Where Does He Live?

George Santos and his family primarily reside in Washington D.C., although they do have a second home in his constituency.

Social Media: Twitter, Instagram

George Santos maintains a visible presence on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, where he shares updates on his political activities as well as glimpses into his personal life.


George Santos is not just a notable United States Representative but also a husband and father. Though rumored to have been married to a Brazilian woman, Santos’ spouse is, in fact, American.

With a legal background, affiliations to the Republican Party, and an American nationality, Santos is a name that resonates strongly in American politics. Keep up with him by following his official Twitter and Instagram accounts.