Is Kevin Costner Married? A Comprehensive Insight into His Life, Career, and Personal Affairs

Kevin Costner, the American actor celebrated for his versatile roles and long-standing career, often finds himself at the center of public curiosity—both for his professional and personal life. Is Kevin Costner married? Who is he married to?

What is his net worth? Why is he leaving Yellowstone? These are just a few questions people have about him. This detailed, SEO-optimized article aims to answer all your questions about Kevin Costner, from his marriage to his storied career in Hollywood.

Is Kevin Costner Married?

Marital Status: Is Kevin Costner Married?

Yes, as of the latest available information, Kevin Costner is married to Christine Baumgartner. The couple got married in 2004 and have been together since.

Past Relationships: An Overview

Before his marriage to Christine, Costner was previously married to Cindy Silva from 1978 to 1994. Additionally, he had a well-publicized relationship with Bridget Rooney and a reportedly brief relationship while he was in Hawaii.

Age Difference Between Kevin Costner and His Wife

The age difference between Kevin Costner and his current wife, Christine Baumgartner, is 19 years, with Costner being the older of the two.

A Stellar Career: Movies and TV Shows

Costner’s career in movies and television is nothing short of illustrious. With iconic roles in films like “Dances with Wolves,” “The Bodyguard,” and TV shows like “Yellowstone,” he has cemented his place as one of Hollywood’s finest.

His roles have not only been critically acclaimed but also widely appreciated by audiences worldwide.

Alma Mater and Education

Kevin Costner attended California State University, Fullerton, where he earned a BA in Marketing and Finance. His education served as a stepping stone to his multi-faceted career.

Net Worth: A Financial Powerhouse

Kevin Costner has an estimated net worth of around $250 million. His wealth comes from his successful career in movies, television, and other business ventures.

Age, Height, and Personal Details

Costner is known for his rugged good looks, standing at approximately 6’1″. As for his age, he continues to remain a prominent figure in Hollywood, proving that talent is ageless.

Family: Parents, Kids, and More

Kevin Costner was born to Sharon Rae and William Costner. He has three children with his first wife, Cindy, and three children with his current wife, Christine.

Awards and Achievements

Costner’s list of awards is extensive. He’s won multiple Academy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, and Primetime Emmy Awards, among others. His contributions to the entertainment industry have been acknowledged time and time again.

Residency: Where Does Kevin Costner Live?

Kevin Costner lives in a luxurious home that reflects his successful career and affluent lifestyle. While he maintains multiple residences due to work commitments, he often considers California his primary base.

Social Media Presence: Twitter and Instagram

While not as active as some other celebrities, Kevin Costner does have a social media presence. His Twitter and Instagram accounts often feature updates about his projects and personal life.

Controversial Love Life: The Hawaii Episode

Costner’s love life has seen its share of controversy, including a brief relationship in Hawaii that caught media attention, although details remain speculative.

What Made Kevin Costner Famous?

Kevin Costner rose to fame primarily through his acting talent and choice of versatile roles. His directorial debut, “Dances with Wolves,” was a significant turning point, making him a household name.

Why is Kevin Costner Leaving Yellowstone?

As of my last update in September 2021, there was no confirmed information that Kevin Costner is leaving the TV show “Yellowstone.” However, such rumors often circulate around popular shows and actors, so it’s essential to rely on official announcements for the most accurate information.


Is Kevin Costner married? Yes, he is, and his life is as fascinating as the roles he portrays on screen. From his multiple marriages and love affairs to his successful career spanning movies and television, Kevin Costner remains a subject of intrigue and admiration.

Whether you’re curious about his net worth or wondering why he might be leaving “Yellowstone,” Costner continues to captivate audiences both on and off the screen.