David Nevins In Talks To Oversee Paramount+ Scripted Content; Will Shed CBS Chief Content Officer Role

When David Nevins returns to ViacomCBS, he will leave behind an even larger digital presence than ever. The man with many names at Shari Redstone’s store is about to lose one and gain another.

According to Deadline’s reporting, CBS Chief Programming Officer and current SHOWTIME boss Nevins is in advanced talks to assume a prominent position supervising content for Paramount+.

David Nevins In Talks To Oversee Paramount+ Scripted Content; Will Shed CBS Chief Content Officer Role

David Nevins has been a significant figure in the world of television and entertainment. As the CEO of SHOWTIME, his influence on premium cable television is undeniable. This article offers a comprehensive view of David Nevins – from his illustrious career to personal details that many might find intriguing.

David Nevins In Talks To Oversee Paramount+ Scripted Content; Will Shed CBS Chief Content Officer Role

My understanding is that the new job would be reorganised to place a greater emphasis on producing scripted material for the streaming service. Paramount+’s other content types and channels will report to a secret group of executives. Soon, Paramount+ will reveal its new bench, complete with content czars for genres like sports and reality television.

Chris McCarthy, president of the MTV Entertainment Group, is a possible candidate to head up young adult and unscripted content. While Brian Robbins, president of Kids & Family Entertainment, is a contender to do the same for family-friendly fare.

Paramount+ Chief David Nevins Talks #MeToo, ‘American Gigolo,’ Reveals Louis C.K. Documentary in The Works

According to Variety’s sources, the Louis C.K. documentary for SHOWTIME will be a feature-length examination of the man’s life. And the ongoing discussion of sexual assault and harassment in the wake of the five-year anniversary of the #MeToo movement.

Several of the original journalists who broke the most significant #MeToo stories will be collaborating with director Caroline Suh (“Blackpink: Light Up the Sky”). Though the documentary is not, as previously reported, told from Louis C.K.’s point of view, the comedian serves.

As a focal point through which the current state and successes of the movement over the past five years may be examined. According to Nevins, the upcoming season of “Billions” will comment on Russian oligarchs in light of Russia’s current war in Ukraine.

There is a lot of money flowing through the show, and there are a lot of crooked people in positions of power. How do you avoid interacting with the Russian oligarchs that control billions of dollars? There are some really interesting things to be learned about Russian oligarchs in London, which appears to be a major plot point in the programme.

David Nevins: Present Endeavors

As of the last update (January 2022), David Nevins holds the position of Chief Creative Officer, CBS (now part of ViacomCBS) and Chairman and CEO, SHOWTIME Networks Inc. In these roles, he oversees content for CBS Television Studios, CBS Entertainment, CBS All Access, SHOWTIME, and more.

David Nevins Career Trajectory: Climbing to the CEO Position at SHOWTIME

David Nevins joined SHOWTIME in 2010 as President of Entertainment, and under his leadership, the network enjoyed a renaissance.

He greenlit series such as “Homeland,” “Billions,” and “Ray Donovan,” which not only gained critical acclaim but also reinforced SHOWTIME’s position as a hub for quality content. Recognizing his contributions, he was named CEO of SHOWTIME in 2015.

David Nevins Net Worth, Age, and Physical Attributes

While exact figures can be elusive and change over time, as of 2022, David Nevins’ estimated net worth is in the multi-million-dollar range. His age and height, while publicly not widely documented, can be sourced from specific databases or platforms that specialize in celebrity profiles.

David Nevins Educational Background and Early Life

David Nevins is a product of prestigious institutions. He completed his undergraduate studies at Amherst College and later attended the University of California, Berkeley, for graduate school.

David Nevins Personal Life: Family and Relationships

Protecting one’s private life while in the limelight can be challenging, but details available indicate that David Nevins is a family man. Although there’s limited information regarding any ex-affairs, he is married, and the couple has children. Information about his parents remains relatively private.

David Nevins Housing and Real Estate

Specific details about David Nevins’ residences are scarce in the public domain. Given his stature, it’s reasonable to assume he owns property and resides in a comfortable setting.

David Nevins Accolades and Awards

Under Nevins’ leadership, SHOWTIME has earned numerous awards, both for its series and as a network. The shows he has overseen have clinched Emmy, Golden Globe, and Peabody awards, among others.

David Nevins Social Media Presence

David Nevins, like many executives, maintains a relatively low-key social media presence. However, you can find official statements, interviews, and related content on SHOWTIME’s official social media channels.

SHOWTIME: Ownership and Profitability

SHOWTIME is owned by ViacomCBS, a merger between CBS Corporation and Viacom. As for its profitability, SHOWTIME has been a lucrative venture, mainly driven by its premium content and subscription model.

Successful series, along with boxing and documentary ventures, have contributed significantly to its revenue stream.

Is SHOWTIME Still Thriving?

Absolutely. Despite the competitive landscape of television and the rise of streaming platforms, SHOWTIME continues to be a prominent player in the entertainment industry. With its consistent release of high-quality content, it remains a go-to choice for many viewers.


ViacomCBS has promoted David Nevins to a new position. Former head of SHOWTIME to now run scripted originals for Paramount+. While Nevins will continue to serve as the head of SHOWTIME, he is leaving his position as CBS’s chief creative officer.

Nevins’ new position is part of a larger overhaul of ViacomCBS’ streaming leadership structure, which is being managed by Tom Ryan, the division’s chief executive. Julie McNamara, the head of originals for Paramount+, stepped down earlier this month, setting the stage for the restructure announced on Wednesday.

Christy Tanner, another prominent digital leader, left the company last week. Thanks for read our Article David Nevins In Talks To Oversee Paramount+ Scripted Content; Will Shed CBS Chief Content Officer Role.

David Nevins’ journey from his early days to becoming the CEO of SHOWTIME is nothing short of inspirational. His leadership, coupled with a keen eye for groundbreaking content, has solidified SHOWTIME’s place in the echelons of television excellence.