Why Should You Avoid Using A Free VPN?

Virtual Private Networks have become quite popular across the globe in the 21st century. Even more so due to the Covid-19 pandemic that gave a definite boost to the usage of VPN services.

VPNs are known to protect you over the internet, keep you anonymous while accessing websites, and secure your online activities from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). But, that’s not all. If you’re one streaming fan, you can also easily enjoy Netflix or any other region using a VPN.

Why Should You Avoid Using A Free VPN

However, all of this is possible only if you opt for a premium VPN service for yourself. These VPN services cost you a bit but offer the most reliable service of all.

Now, you must be aware that there are free VPN services available across the world as well. But, they are not safe at all. Free VPNs might seem tempting, but there are a bunch of risks attached to these VPNs.

5 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Avoid Using a Free VPN Service

Free VPN services are not to be used at all costs.

You might be thinking about why we’re persuading you to get a premium VPN service?

Well, here are the top 5 reasons why using a free VPN is more dangerous than beneficial:

1. They Collect and Sell Your Data

The main purpose of a VPN is to keep you secure and anonymous over the internet in every aspect. VPNs do not let any website track you over the internet, collect your cookies, or sell your data to anyone.

However, free VPNs do the complete opposite of what VPNs are meant to do. They collect your logs and track you over the internet. These logs include your online activities, IP addresses, the server you’re using, which device and operating system you’re using with the VPN on, and more.

Once collected, this data is then sold to third-party advertisers, putting your privacy at risk. These third-party advertisers then use your data to track you with targeted ads.

2. Do Not Bypass Geo-Restrictions

The next reason why we encourage you to avoid a free VPN service is that it cannot let you bypass geo-restrictions. This way, you’re deprived of the tubful of content every streaming service across the world has to offer to you.

Even if you successfully unblock any streaming service, for example, Netflix, with this VPN, you might face a proxy error as Netflix has a strong VPN detection technology. To bypass Netflix’s proxy error, you’d require a premium VPN service that offers thousands of servers worldwide and refreshes its IPs regularly, so it doesn’t get detected by Netflix.

The same goes for other streaming services. With just a few servers across the globe, you should opt for a premium VPN service, instead of a free one.

3. Subject to Frequent Ads

The third reason to avoid a free VPN is ads. Advertisements are one of the most annoying things that target you everywhere and on every website. While a few premium VPN services come with an ad-blocker that blocks all ads on the websites you visit, free VPNs do the opposite once again.

Avoid Using A Free VPN

These VPNs are subject to frequent intrusive ads themselves that target you the entire time you’re using the VPN service. These ads expose you to various kinds of malware and other serious threats that can easily steal your data right from your hands.

4. IP Address Leaks

Even though VPN services commonly offer a DNS leak protection feature that keeps your original IP address secure all the time, free VPN services expose your IP address to the public. Around 40% of free VPNs are known to leak data anyway.

Also, if you download any torrent files and accidentally end up downloading a copyrighted file, you will get into trouble, thanks to free VPN services.

While these VPNs claim to make you completely anonymous over the internet, they don’t do what they promised. Instead, websites can easily track you across the internet and collect your cookies with your exposed IP.

5. Expose You to Malware

One last reason you need to avoid a free VPN is that these VPNs expose you to malware and infect your devices with spyware, ransomware, viruses, and more very easily.

Some free VPN services also come with malware on their setup file. As soon as you install the VPN on your device, it releases malware on your device and puts your data at risk.

This is why a reliable option is always to select a trustable premium VPN service and download its app for your device from their official website.


A free VPN service seems like free lunch. You grab it without hesitation. But, this VPN comes at the risk of your privacy.

Although they seem enticing and claim to offer top-notch security, they do nothing of the sort. Instead, they use your data and sell it for money. I mean, what’s free in the 21st century anyway?

This is why we highly recommend you avoid a free VPN service and opt for a reliable premium one instead.