How To ‘MyLifeTime/Activate’ Watch Movies For Free, And Get on Roku

MyLifeTime, also known as Lifetime, is a treasure trove of engaging content, including movies, original series, and specials.

This SEO-optimized, detailed guide will explain how to Activate MyLifeTime, sign in with your TV provider, watch movies for free, Activate Lifetime on Roku, explore the Lifetime app, and access the Lifetime Channel.


Streaming platforms have become the modern way to consume television content, with new platforms emerging to cater to the varied interests of viewers. Among these platforms, MyLifeTime stands out, especially for those who love drama, reality TV, and movies.

If you’re curious about this service, we have you covered. This article delves deep into what MyLifeTime is, its activation process, its compatibility with smart TVs and other platforms, and its safety aspects.

What is MyLifeTime?

MyLifeTime, often simply called ‘Lifetime’, is a digital streaming platform offering an array of Lifetime Channel’s signature content. From reality shows like “Dance Moms” to drama series and Lifetime original movies, it’s a hub for entertainment primarily tailored towards a female demographic, but enjoyable by all.

How to Activate MyLifeTime Account

Activating your MyLifeTime account is a straightforward process:

  1. Visit the Official Website: Go to MyLifeTime’s official website and look for the “Sign In” or “Activate” option.
  2. Choose Your TV Provider: Select your TV provider from the given list. This is crucial as the content access might depend on your subscription.
  3. Enter the Activation Code: When prompted, input the activation code displayed on your TV screen.
  4. Sign In & Enjoy: Once the activation is complete, sign in using your credentials and start streaming!

Getting Lifetime on Your Smart TV

Most modern smart TVs come with an app store or a way to add new apps:

  1. Visit Your TV’s App Store: Navigate to your smart TV’s app section.
  2. Search for MyLifeTime App: Use the search feature to find the MyLifeTime app.
  3. Download & Install: Once found, download and install the app.
  4. Activate: Open the app and follow the activation steps mentioned above.

Activating MyLifeTime

Activating MyLifeTime is a straightforward process that allows you to access a vast library of movies, TV shows, and exclusive content. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Install the MyLifeTime app: Visit your device’s app store, search for the MyLifeTime app, and download it.
  2. Launch the app and get your activation code: Open the MyLifeTime app on your device. An activation code will be displayed on your screen.
  3. Visit on another device: On a separate device, such as your computer or mobile device, navigate to
  4. Enter the activation code: Input the activation code displayed on your TV screen into the corresponding field on, and click “Continue.”
  5. Sign in with your TV provider: You’ll be prompted to sign in using your TV provider’s credentials.
  6. Enjoy MyLifeTime content: Once you’ve successfully signed in, you’ll have access to MyLifeTime content on your device.

Signing In with TV Provider on MyLifeTime

To sign in with your TV provider on MyLifeTime, follow these steps:

  1. Open the MyLifeTime app: Launch the app on your device or visit on your web browser.
  2. Select ‘Sign In’: Choose ‘Sign In’ and you’ll be redirected to a list of participating TV providers.
  3. Choose your provider: Select your TV provider from the list.
  4. Enter your provider’s credentials: Enter your username and password for your provider.
  5. Start watching MyLifeTime: Once your details are verified, you’ll gain access to the full range of MyLifeTime content.

Watching MyLifeTime Movies for Free

MyLifeTime offers a selection of free movies that can be watched without a TV provider sign-in. Simply visit and navigate to the ‘Free Movies’ section.

Remember, the selection of free content may vary, and you’ll have access to more content if you sign in with your TV provider’s credentials.

Activating Lifetime on Roku

Activating MyLifeTime on your Roku device is easy:

  1. Add the MyLifeTime channel: On your Roku home screen, go to ‘Streaming Channels’, search for ‘MyLifeTime’, and add the channel to your list.
  2. Get your activation code: Open the MyLifeTime channel and you’ll be given an activation code.
  3. Go to On another device, navigate to
  4. Enter the code and sign in with your provider: Enter the activation code from your Roku screen, select your TV provider, and sign in using your provider’s credentials.
  5. Start watching: Your Roku device will refresh, and you’ll be able to start watching MyLifeTime content.

Activating Lifetime Free on YouTube

Currently, MyLifeTime doesn’t have a standalone free channel on YouTube. However, the Lifetime YouTube channel does offer snippets, trailers, and some full episodes for viewers.

Always ensure you’re visiting the official Lifetime channel to stay safe from counterfeit content.

Activating Lifetime on Amazon Prime

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can add MyLifeTime as an additional channel:

  1. Go to Amazon Channels: Navigate to the ‘Channels’ section of Amazon Prime Video.
  2. Search for Lifetime: Find and select the Lifetime channel.
  3. Subscribe: Follow the subscription process. Note that this might come with an additional fee.
  4. Stream & Enjoy: Once subscribed, you can stream MyLifeTime content via Amazon Prime.

The Mind Behind MyLifeTime: The Founder

MyLifeTime, or the Lifetime channel, is a subsidiary of A&E Networks, a joint venture between Hearst Communications and The Walt Disney Company. It was founded in 1984, with its initial focus on content promoting women’s advocacy and issues.

Is MyLifeTime Safe?

As an official and well-established streaming platform under the reputable A&E Networks banner, MyLifeTime is safe to use.

However, always ensure you’re visiting the official site or app and avoid third-party websites that claim to offer free Lifetime content, as they might be riddled with malware or phishing threats.

Is the Lifetime App Free?

The Lifetime app itself is free to download, and it offers some free content. However, to access the full range of Lifetime programming, you’ll need to sign in with your TV provider’s credentials.

How to Get the Lifetime Channel

You can get the Lifetime Channel as part of many cable and satellite TV packages. If you’re a cord-cutter, you can also find Lifetime on live TV streaming services like Hulu Live TV, Sling TV, and AT&T TV Now. Check with your provider or streaming service to confirm availability.


Whether you’re a fan of Lifetime’s original movies or its unique series and specials, activating and using MyLifeTime can unlock a wealth of entertainment.

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on activating MyLifeTime, signing in with your TV provider, watching free movies, using the Lifetime app, and accessing the Lifetime Channel.

MyLifeTime offers a unique blend of content, catering to a diverse audience range. Whether you’re watching on a smart TV, through Amazon Prime, or via the official website, Lifetime ensures quality entertainment.

As with any online platform, ensure you’re accessing content from legitimate sources and safeguard your personal data. Enjoy the drama, suspense, and heartwarming stories that Lifetime is known for right at your fingertips! Happy streaming!