Is Tammy Slaton Still Married? Her Personal Life, YouTube Career, And More

Tammy Slaton, popularly known as a reality TV star and YouTuber, has recently been the talk of the town due to the tragic loss of her husband.

Fans are curious about her personal life, especially her marriage status following her husband’s death. In this detailed, SEO-optimized article, we’ll delve into all aspects of Tammy Slaton’s life.

Is Tammy Slaton Still Married?

Is Tammy Slaton Still Married?

As of July 1, 2023, Tammy Slaton announced that her husband, who was 40 years old, had died. The YouTuber has not remarried since then and is currently a widow.

Who is Tammy’s New Husband?

There are no reports suggesting that Tammy Slaton has a new husband following the tragic loss of her spouse.

Who is Tammy Slaton?

Tammy Willingham: The YouTuber

Tammy Slaton, also known as Tammy Willingham, is a prominent figure on YouTube where she posts vlogs, challenges, and lifestyle content.

Net Worth, Age, and Height

  • Net Worth: Approximately $100,000 as of 2023.
  • Age: 36 years old.
  • Height: Not publicly disclosed.

Education, Parents

  • Education: Information is not publicly available.
  • Parents: Details about her parents are private.

Spouse, Ex-Affairs, Kids

  • Spouse: Tammy Slaton was married until her husband’s death in 2023.
  • Ex-Affairs: No details about her previous relationships are available to the public.
  • Kids: Information about children, if any, is not disclosed.

House, Awards

  • House: Specific details about her residence are not public.
  • Awards: No known awards as of 2023.

When and Where Does She Live?

While exact details are not public, she is believed to reside in the United States.

What Does Tammy Slaton Weigh Now?

As of the most recent updates, there is no verified information on Tammy Slaton’s current weight.

Has Tammy Slaton Lost Any Weight?

There are no confirmed reports about Tammy Slaton’s weight loss journey at this time.

Is Tammy From 1000 Sisters Alive?

Yes, Tammy Slaton is alive as of 2023.

What Happened to Tammy Slaton’s Husband?

Tammy Slaton announced the tragic news of her husband’s death on July 1, 2023. Specific details about the circumstances of his passing are not publicly disclosed.

Social Media: Twitter, Instagram

You can stay updated on Tammy Slaton’s life by following her on Twitter and Instagram.


Tammy Slaton, a YouTube personality and reality TV star, has faced a challenging time with the passing of her husband. As of now, she has not remarried and remains a prominent figure in the online world.

For the latest updates on her life, weight, and potential new relationships, follow her on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Our thoughts are with her during this difficult time.