EA Com Unable to Connect {Solved}

You’ll be familiar with EA and Origin. EA Games has huge popularity among the gamers IT firms. Today it is among the top game-producing companies which produce some of the exceptionally awesome games like Cricket and FIFA. Although being on the top of the list, any server working might come across situations where the user has to troubleshoot then errors and bugs.

EA.com Unable to Connect


How to Fix EA Com Unable to Connect

In such a situation, it is very important to do so, as these temporary issues could be vulnerable for your system and device. There are ways to troubleshoot connectivity issues which we are going to learn today. Apart from just learning, you’ll also get some key tips to reduce the frequency of connection timed out problems on your PC.


There are endless reasons for your games to encounter such issues. Some of the most common and popular reasons for such issues are listed below:

Servers Overload – There could be a possibility that the problem lies in the server only. The cause could be the overloading of these servers, or EA sports itself is facing outrage from their firm only.

You can easily get information regarding the outrage on Twitter, or through an application called down detector. The application is used to check the efficiency of the server and come up with the flaws it is facing while loading the users’ command.

Incorrect Network Configuration – If your friends aren’t facing any threat and its only you who is vulnerable to connectivity issues, then the problem is lying on your network configuration system. Under this condition, the system would not be able to connect with the server and give a message stating “com unable to connect”.

Users can overcome this issue by resetting their network configuration properly and setting up the optimal Network Settings.

Firewall Issue – The installation of any third-party Firewall or Windows firewall could also be a threat to the game. This is because such software could block the port servers connected to your game client. There are many ways to overcome this issue and to make sure that Firewall does not become a threat to your games.


Troubleshooting helps in detecting and finding ways to overcome technical issues coming up on your PC or any program running on it. Talking about EA games, even though it may encounter certain issues, through troubleshooting, you can actually reduce the frequency of such problems arising on the network.

However, one has to keep in mind that all the problems getting detected on troubleshooting are based on your PC. In simple words, these problems arising on your PC could be detected and eliminated. It’s not the game that has connectivity issues. If the user’s ISP blocks the path for the ports of your game, they might not be able to run the game unless you set the ISP to get this problem resolved.

Apart from this, there is also one possibility that there is nothing wrong going on with the PC, but it’s the game that is at stake. You can check for that as well, through an application called Down Detector. Some of the most common methods to troubleshoot your issues are listed here,

1. Reset Your Network Configuration

Before moving ahead in troubleshoot, you need to try resetting your network configuration. This is done to ensure that everything is set to optimal setting and there is nothing wrong with your driver network. In order to reset your server follow the following steps,

Step 1: Press the “Windows” Key, and X Select the Command Prompt (Admin) or PowerShell (admin).Type the following command.

Netsch winsock reset

Netsch int ip reset




Step 2: Restart the PC and notice if the problem still persists in the server.

2. Forward The Required Ports

Even after resetting the network configuration, your game isn’t working, you can try resettling the issue on the computer’s Firewall. The process could be a bit lengthy and hectic. But by following this set of commands you can finish the process effortlessly.

We’re taking an example of the game Apex Legend and will try troubleshooting the issue due to the Firewall by following these steps,

Step 1: Open the command prompt window on your PC by pressing Windows Key and X. Type the following command.

Netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name= “Apex Legends Appuals fix TCP Inbound” dir=in action=allow protocol=TCP localport=1024-1124,3216,9960-9969,18000,18060,18120,27900,28910,29900

Netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name= “Apex Legends Appuals fix UDP Inbound” dir=in action=allow protocol=UDP localport=1024-1124,18000,29900,37000-40000

Netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name= “Apex Legends Appuals fix TCP Outbound” dir=out action=allow protocol=TCP localport=1024-1124,3216,9960-9969,18000,18060,18120,27900,28910,29900

Netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name= “Apex Legends Appuals fix UDP Outbound” dir=out action=allow protocol=UDP localport=1024-1124,18000,29900,37000-40000

The purpose of this command is to allow the port to contact the client. It should be noted that these commands are only for Apex Legend and Windows Firewall.

There are ways to troubleshoot if you’re system has a third-party Firewall installed or with some other game. This particular method is only applicable for Apex Legend with Windows Firewall installed in the system.

3. Change Your Local DNS To Google DNS

Changing DNS could also pave the path to solving your issues. It is seen that google DNS is much more efficient compared to the DNS provided by the users through their ISP. In order to change it, these steps are helpful,

Step 1: Press the Windows key and then the R key. Enter ncpa.cpi

Step 2: Right-click and select network adaptor and go to properties.Double click Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/ICP4).

Step 3: After a new window opens, type 8.8.8 on Preferred DNS Server, and on Alternative DNS server.

Step 4: In order to destroy DNS cache and corrupted DNS data, type this on the command prompt.


Now restart the computer to check if the problem is still there.

4. Uncheck Automatic Proxy Settings

This method helps in removing the automatic proxy settings that is existing on your network by ISP. There is a possibility that this method can solve the issue to a great level. Steps for removing it is listed below,

Step 1: Press the Windows key and R key in order to open the Run program. Write inetcpl.cpl and press enter.

Step 2: Move to the Connection tab and open the LAN setting. Check that the automatic proxy setting is disabled.

Restart your PC to see if the problem is gone.

5. Change Your Network Profile

Network profile has a great place in the Network Settings. It helps a lot in setting the Windows Firewall. Even though the network is public, the Firewall will ensure there are no intruders intruding in the system. However, this could stop the games and other programs to run on your device.

In order to resolve the issue, there is a need for selecting a private profile for your system. This is done by the steps provided below,

Step 1: Open the network icon on the bottom right part of your PC. Click on “Properties”.

Step 2: From the network profile select private. Restart the PC in order to recheck the problem.

6. Last Resort

Even after following all these methods to troubleshoot connectivity issues, the problem still persists in the system, then the only possible way to deal with it is by using a VPN or a Mobile Hot spot. VPNs hide your location, and you can access any files that are built on from any corner of the world.

However, this is a worst-case scenario, in 98% of the cases, the problem gets solved through the methods provided above. If it’s still not solved, then VPN is the only way to get out of it.


Your PC can experience connectivity issues without giving prior notice or information. This could have any reason. But since every problem has a solution, there are many ways made out there to deal with the problems arising on your device. All they require is a little patience and technical knowledge, and you’re out of these problems.