Zero Zero Zero Season 2

The Zero Zero Zero TV sequence was co-created by Stefano Sollima and broadcast on Italian television. The stories in this collection are taken directly from Roberto Saviano’s book of the same name. The drug trade and its provisioning across regions were the original inspiration for this work.

The global drug trade was mapped out using deep learning. Dane DeHaan and Andrea Riseborough are among the stars. Stefano Sollima helped direct this segment at one point. Sky Atlantic previously broadcast the first season.

The first two episodes premiered on September 5, 2019, at the 76th Venice International Film Festival. On February 14, 2020, it premiered officially in Italy with all episodes included. Many viewers can’t wait for Season 2, so we’ve included all the juicy rumours about when it will premiere and any other developments below.

Zero Zero Zero Season 2


Zero Zero Zero Season 2 Release Date

The second season of Zero Zero Zero has not been officially ordered at this time, and it may no longer be given that the show was originally advertised as a miniseries. First airing in Italy in February of 2020, the show has since been eyed for release in multiple other countries by distributor HBO Europe.

The makers of Zero Zero Zero should figure out how to expand the tale in light of the positive reception the first season received from the show’s intended demographic. Season two of Zero Zero Zero might potentially premiere in 2021, which is now a distinct possibility. Season two of Zero Zero Zero may not premiere on Amazon Prime until 2022, though.

Season 2 Cast of Zero Zero Zero

The intention is for these actors to reprise their roles.

  • Italo Curtiga will be portrayed by Francesco Colella.
  • The Emma Lynwood of Andrea Riseborough
  • To play the role of Chris Lynwood is Dane DeHaan.
  • As Don Damiano “Minu” La Piana, Adriano Chiaramida will take front stage.
  • Varas will be played by Noé Hernández.
  • Edward Lynwood will be portrayed by Gabriel Byrne.
  • François Salvage is Tchéky Karyo.
  • In his role as Moko, Érick Israel Consuelo
  • As a Chino, Diego Catao
  • As Lucia, Nika Perrone
  • To play Diego, Norman Delgadillo has been cast.
  • Jacinto Leyra is Flavio Medina.
  • De Domenico is Giuseppe.
  • Omar Gamby is Seydina Baldé.
  • Like Manuel Quintero, Harold Torres
  • The Chiquitita that is Claudia Pineda
  • Gordo Jess Lozano
  • Cast as Indio, José Salof
  • Enrique Leyra will be portrayed by Vctor Huggo Martin.
  • Amina will be portrayed by Nabiha Akkari.

Zero Zero Zero Season 2 Plot

In the first season, Lynwood’s delivery service is tasked with transporting a big quantity of cocaine from its producers—the leaders of a Mexican cartel—to its consumers—drug dealers in Italy.

After tragedy strikes the Lynwood family, Ed’s daughter takes the helm, only to get tied up in the criminal underworld and risk her own life in the process. Chris, who has lost his hearing and is slowly losing his mobility due to Huntington’s disease, helps his sister Emma run the family business.

The siblings team up to avoid the drug enforcement agents and try to get ahead of the energy hostilities in the realm market. The second season may explore the horrific realities of the Mexican drug cartel and the toll it takes on its victims.

Chris and Emma’s dependent sibling relationship is also likely to be explored further. The major role of Mexican anti-drug police agents in keeping the sources and criminals in the drug struggle may be an opportunity for us to study this phenomenon.