10 Best Free YouTube to Mp3 Converters To Use in 2021

Are you looking out for a website for converting YouTube videos into MP3 music without spending a single penny? Don’t worry, here we are providing you with some of the applications that you can use. Moreover, the apps mentioned are compatible with Android devices. These sites will provide you an unforgettable experience.

10 Best Free YouTube to Mp3 Downloader for Android

Here is a list of the best options that you’ll definitely fall for. YouTube to Mp3 converters can be easily used on your Android devices with no issues:-

YouTube to Mp3

1. SnapTube

SnapTube is very easy to use and helps you to convert YouTube videos into audio (MP3). This software has a user-friendly interface and has no fancy elements. Firstly you need to download the video, and then you can directly download it to your device using SnapTube.

This app is very convenient to use. SnapTube app also provides you with a feature to download the video. It provides you a remarkable converting speed. It allows you to download the songs within a second.

2. Videoder

Videoder is another good option for converting YouTube to MP3 easily, but this app is not available on the play store or app store. You need to download this app directly from the website.

On the top of the website, you will found a download link to download the app to your desired devices. Videoder app allows you to run video online on YouTube and also present an option to download it. This app also allows you to login using other social media platforms like Instagram.

3. TubeMate

TubeMate is a highly ranked app for downloading YouTube videos and then converting them to audios. This app allows you to download songs within very little time and is user friendly. The downloaded videos are automatically saved in your device’s memory.

TubeMate app has a unique feature as it has an inbuilt browser that allows you to search for the desired song and the option to download it easily. Its inbuilt browser also helps you to search for your desired song on various websites. This app also allows you to change the resolutions of the video you have downloaded.

4. Peggo

Peggo is another app that allows you to convert YouTube videos into MP3Audio files. This app is also not available on the play store or an app store but can be easily downloaded from its official website. The best option to download this app is from its developer’s website.

This app can convert HD videos into audio very quickly. Also, the Peggo app has some different features like remove silence and normalize features. This app also allows you to record a fixed desired portion of the video. These are some of the features that differentiate this app from others.

5. YouMP34

By the name of the app, you can get an idea that this app allows you to download YouTube videos in MP3 audio files and MP4 video format files. The YouMP34 app is convenient to use. This app can easily be used on android devices. Also, this app allows you to share the downloaded audio or video.

It also allows you to run the downloaded audio in the loop. The YouMP34 app automatically transfers the downloaded file into the download folder of your device that helps you to find downloaded files easily. After downloading the file, you can run it anytime and anywhere you want.

6. Vidmate

Vidmate is one of the best apps which can convert YouTube videos to audio and also allows you to download the videos directly from YouTube. You can search and download any video which is available on YouTube. This app has a very high-quality converter that produces audio of very good quality.

Vidmate app allows you to search online on various websites like Hulu, SoundCloud, MetaCafe, funny drive, and many more. The downloaded file is automatically saved in your device’s memory.  This app is not available on the play store but can be downloaded from various websites easily.

7. KeepVid

KeepVid can be considered a full package app as you’ll find all desired features in one place. You are not required to keep multiple apps after installing this app. It allows you to get your YouTube video into MP3 files. KeepVid app is quite different from other apps present over the internet that comes with two versions:

  1. Free
  2. Premium version

Both versions help you in getting videos in HD and 4K quality to give you an unbeatable experience. The Premium version provides you some extra features than the free version, but its free version is also excellent. It gives you 10000 video sharing sites in one place for your ease.

8. WonTube

WonTube is another useful app for converting YouTube videos to audio, but it does not have quite an impressive user interface but even though this app works fantastic. This app allows you to download videos and audios and organize them, making it easy for you to find the desired music or video.

WonTube is a good app as it does not contain advertisements, which makes its users less annoyed and disturbed. You do not need to have new devices to access this app, but you can also access it in the older versions of the devices. It is freely available, and you can download it easily.

9. YouTubeMP3

YouTubeMP3 is one of the most trusted apps that has millions of users over the internet. It is a prominent app for the conversion of any YouTube video into MP3 and MP4 format. Moreover, it provides you the option of downloading your preferred music videos with a single click on your android devices. In the era of new apps, it is still the most preferred app.

10. YMusic

YMusic is one of the best music apps that you can approach to listening to your favorite music. Also, it provides you with songs of all genres at a single click. You can access this app anytime as per your convenience.

YMusic app helps you to convert your desired YouTube video into an MP3 file. Moreover, it is a very well organized application with a user-friendly interface. You’ll fall in love with the conversion speed of the music. Moreover, it has its own music player.

Summing Up

These are some best options available to you for converting your YouTube videos into audio files very quickly. You can try any of them and have a wonderful experience. Furthermore, you can use these reliable apps over your desktop or android devices as all these apps provide you access to unlimited music at a single click without paying any amount or very less amount.